Best build for Aldogos in Pokemon United

Aldogos has a surprisingly effective support role in the new Pokemon Unite mobile game.

In the main series games, Altagos doesn’t really have much room to fight Meta. I Pokemon United, It has already established itself as a much-needed healing Pokemon.

Allegos can really be the difference between hanging on to victory or falling short of defeat. As an attacking attacker, he can keep the team on top while always handling damage and staying safe.

Pokemon Unite: The Best Build for Aldogos

Photo courtesy of Pokemon Company
Photo courtesy of Pokemon Company

I have only a few supporting roles Pokemon United. As a gossip filler, it will develop at level 4 in Aldogos.

Its ability is cotton down. This causes damage to the opponents and slows down their movement for a while after a certain amount of damage to the Aldogos. It also fixes and speeds up HP.


Photo courtesy of Pokemon Company
Photo courtesy of Pokemon Company

Early play called for minimizing the effects of damage and healing. The leaf is a good opener. It delights targets with leaves, and slows down killers for a short time.

After getting ready in level 4 Pokemon United, Should go with Eldegoss pollen puff. Pollen is associated with Pok پوmon, which harms enemies and treats allies.

Cotton Guard is the way to level 6. It protects close allies from the cotton that absorbs HP when it stops moving and restores HP.

The last attack is its unified move, the Cotton Cloud Crash. The old man becomes invincible and floats in the air. Once used again, Pokemon lands a slap on the ground, treating the harmful, stopping enemies and healing teammates in the AOE.


Photo courtesy of Pokemon Company
Photo courtesy of Pokemon Company

The share on Aldogos in the Pokemon Alliance is very good. It gets the user exclusively when they are at the bottom of the team. If you are not the last blow, it wastes any EXP gained against wild Pokemon.

The shell bell is another important holding item for Aldogos. Special attacks fixed it at 45 HP. In its upper part, one percent of its special attack is included in the 45 HP healing.

The Buddy Barrier is an incredible hold item for Aldogos. Teamwork is important at Pokemon United. This item adapts Aldogos and its closest ally with the lowest HP, using the Unite Move.

War equipment should be medicine. It’s easy, but still very effective. Allegos can focus on the efficacy of allies with movement and self-medicate. When used, a small amount of HP is restored and can be used to the maximum with a small colddown.


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