BGMI Lite release dates and pre-registration details on the Internet are fake and misleading

Popular Great war The BGMI title has been in the news since its official release earlier this month. BGMI brought the PUBG mobile experience back to the Indian gaming community almost a year after it was banned in September 2020.

After the release of the game, PUBG Mobile’s obsession ended, and it was reported that BGMI has registered. 34 million gamers Within 10 days of release

Following the success of BGMI, several parties have called for the release of BGMI Lite. Since then, the Internet has been full of BGMI release dates and pre-registration links.

Gamers should be aware of fake BGMI Lite information

Pubg Mobile Light is very popular in gamers due to the low requirement of the required system to run the game. The success of BGMI forced the audience to increase the demand for BGMI Lite as they want to experience the game on their low end devices.

Ever since gamers started appearing on various social media sites, websites and third party applications, they have started providing information about BGMI Lite. Some of these websites allegedly reveal release dates, while others provide pre-register links.

Please note that all this information and pre-registration links are fake. These fraudulent websites are using the opportunity to entice viewers to their website using click beats.

Crafton Inc. has not disclosed any information about BGMI Lite. Therefore, it is doubtful that these third party applications will receive any official information about it.

The audience should avoid visiting these websites as they not only spread fake news, but can also be harmful. Gamers are requested not to click on any pre-entry link as they may be malicious applications that may extract user information and misuse it on the Internet.

BGMI has been officially released for Android users. The developers have not yet released the title of the famous Battle Royale for iOS interface gamers.

The delay has caused widespread unrest in the party, and they have demanded that the title be released soon. Crafton Inc. has assured gamers that progress is being made, and gamers can expect the game to be released any time soon.

It is suspected that the developers will release BGMI Lite before the iOS version. It can be said without a doubt that the developers have not yet thought of BGMI Lite. However, Crofton Inc. may consider things after receiving numerous requests from gamers.

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