Biden asks important visitors for covid vaccine certificates to enter the United States

Joe biden will require visitors to make the necessary travel, do not reside and cross land borders in the United States are fully vaccinated against covid from January 22, according to official sources.

According to the AP agency, this measure will include, among other things, truck drivers, rescue services or government workers.

A senior government official said the requirement, that The White House is expected in October, adjusts the rules for essential travel with those that came into force in early November for leisure travelers. The United States reopened this month its limits to people who are fully vaccinated against covid.

Important travelers entering by ferry will also need to be fully vaccinated by the same date, said the official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to comment on the matter before the official announcement on Tuesday.

The rules apply to non-Americans. The American citizens and permanent residents can enter the country regardless of vaccination status, but they face additional test requirements because authorities believe they are more easily infected and spread covid and to encourage them to get vaccinated.

The Biden administration delayed the requirement for necessary travelers by more than two months from the entry into force of the order for non-necessary visitors (November 8) in order to avoid disruption, especially among truck drivers, which is crucial for the economy. . While most of cross-border traffic was closed during the first days of the 2020 pandemic, important travelers have been able to travel unhindered.



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