Biden hit the road to sell on US $ 4.7T bills, dams won’t buy.

President Biden will travel to Michigan on Tuesday to support large-scale social and infrastructure spending packages for Americans. He has failed to sell. To members of his Democratic Party

The 1. 1.2 trillion bilateral infrastructure bill passed in the Senate is being held hostage by progressives in the House of Representatives until the Senate approves Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion social spending plan, which Sen. Joe Manchin ( D-WV) is at least $ 2 trillion too much

The quarrel was forced. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. (D-Calif.) To cancel the vote on the bilateral infrastructure deal approved by the Senate last Thursday and. Biden was sent to Capitol Hill. For a half-hour meeting with Democrats the next day, after which he said the infrastructure bill would not be passed without an agreement on the measure of social spending, and that its key legislative measures were “tied together.” The wind “declared.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said Biden’s visit to Michigan would work to rearrange the grid lock on Capitol Hill and was a way to clarify what steps in those legislative packages could help Americans. Are

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie
Saki outlined ways in which Michigan would benefit from spending measures.
Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

“He wants to go there and talk about the components and pieces of the bill that will improve people’s lives, even though we are having a very important discussion here about legislative logistics.” Saki told reporters. In a White House briefing on Monday.

He noted that Michigan is a state that will benefit from spending measures.

“Just to give you a couple of examples: Michigan Ganders … spend 67% of their extra time with the need to update the infrastructure. I mean, it’s something that happens every day across the state. Affects people.

About 10% of people in Michigan do not have access to broadband. It’s really something that will help level the playing field for people, whether in urban or rural communities. Forty-four percent of Michigan’s children live in the desert.

Sen Joe Manchin, DWVA
Sen Joe Manchin is one of two senators blocking the bill.
AP Photo / Andrew Hornick, file.

Biden said talks were ongoing but blamed two Democratic senators for maintaining their agenda.

Asked why the former Capitol Hill veteran was having trouble riding his Democratic comrades, Biden said. He was harassed by two senators.

“I have managed to close a deal with 99%-two members of my party,” Biden told reporters Monday, citing Manchin and San Kirsten Cinema (D-Ariz).

Both senators have rejected the price tag for spending planning.

Look, I need 50 votes in the Senate. I have 48, “Biden said.

Before leaving for Michigan, Biden will hold a virtual meeting with Democrats in the House about the two bills, the White House said.

In Michigan, the president will visit a training facility at Howell for the International Union of Operating Engineers and make public remarks on better infrastructure and bloodback agendas, the White House said.

Nancy Pelosi.
Fighting within the Democratic Party forced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel a vote last Thursday on a two-way infrastructure deal approved by the Senate.
P Photo / J. Scott Apple White, file.

He will appear at the Union Training Center with Rep. Alyssa Slotkin, who won re-election in November in a district that was ousted by former President Donald Trump in 2020.

Slotkin is among Democrats who have said they will not consider a bilateral infrastructure plan until the Senate votes on a 3.5 3.5 trillion package that includes a range of social programs such as paid leave, childcare. , Pre-K, and Medicare and Medicaid extensions.

“I’m just a believer that you strike when the iron is hot, and that Washington doesn’t have a long shelf life of a bilateral agreement. So when you have an agreement, you have to move fast,” Slotkin said. told. Detroit News


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