Biden infiltrated government officials and immunizations.


Conspiracy theorists are coming to your schools.

QAnoners and anti-masks are incorporating themselves into our political and civic life.

The moments in these videos are mostly expressions of real anger, frustration and confusion. But they need to understand in a broader context what is happening to the American right – a messy, overlapping set of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and lies. COVID-19 epidemic and 2020 election.. We started the year with a coup attempt, with QAnon symbolism and apocalyptic rhetoric. Internet meme prophet “Q” may be missing, but like any good apocalypse QAnon did not die, It just changed. QAnon Doomsday (“Storm”) and Donald Trump’s Extra-Constitutional Restoration Deadline Came and went, But most of those who spread and spread these ideas still exist. Some are now. Campaign for office. Some are still trying to reverse the 2020 election. And now some are trying to destroy our schools.



The Biden administration will extend vaccine mandates to US companies.

President Biden is announcing a new vaccine mandate Thursday that will affect tens of millions of Americans, ordering all businesses with more than 100 employees to vaccinate their workers or face weekly screenings.

Biden will also need all health facilities to accept Medicare or Medicaid funding to vaccinate his workforce, which the White House estimates will affect 50,000 locations.

And the president plans to sign an executive order requiring all federal employees to be vaccinated against the corona virus – for those who prefer to be tested regularly without the option – in a bid to create a model. He hopes to adopt state governments and private companies.

The flurry of new policies comes at a time when the country is suffering from highly contagious delta variations, which have sent cases. More than 150,000 in a day And it is causing more than 1,500 deaths every day. The White House has struggled to persuade hesitant Americans about the vaccine and is increasingly responding to the need.


Spencer Ackerman./New York Times:

How September 11 gave us January 6.

Ever since the insurgents attacked the capital, we have heard that January 6 has closed a chapter in American history. America’s most intimidating enemies should no longer be considered foreigners – a pleasant one for Muslims – but a domestic one, a compliment to basically white Americans on the right. “The post-9/11 era, where our biggest threats to national security were external, is over.” Said Rep. Alyssa Slotkin, a Democrat from Michigan and a former CIA and Pentagon official.

But January 6 is less of a book than September 11.

The war on terror is making white Americans accustomed to seeing themselves as counter-terrorists. On the far right, armed whites can congregate in American militias, whether in northern states like Michigan or on the southern border, and law enforcement is less likely to retaliate. Such injustice led to a similar situation in 2016, described in a relatively rare criminal complaint, when members of the Kansas militia whose names appear to be Crusaders Of conspiracy Killing your Somali American neighbors. “Make sure that if you start using your bow on cockroaches, dip them in pig’s blood before shooting them.” Explained. He understood what the United States was doing at the moment: the fight against terrorism, because as a patriot, he could not commit terrorism.


EJ Devon, Jr. /Wapo:

We remember 9/11 beyond that.

In short, we were united as one nation. For a while, partisan politics almost disappeared.

Among the Democrats, President George W. Bush. Approval rating On September 7-10, 2001, the Gallup poll was only 27%. In less than a week, it rose to 78%. It was even more so between independents and Republicans.

But unity will not last. If the decision to attack the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was widely accepted, 9/11 would not have been used to justify an invasion of Iraq. When the war broke out in Iraq, the Americans rallied around the flag, but they had it. Severe doubts and suspicions, And those who advance the war.

The way Bush administration officials sued for intervention in Iraq sowed the seeds of division in today’s rogue politics.


Bench /Philadelphia Inquiry.:

We knew that America would never be the same after 9/11. We didn’t know how bad it was.

The United States responded to the September 11, 2001, attacks with bullying, mistrust, and attacks on foreigners, immigrants, dissidents, and finally each other.

“It was 8:46 in the morning,” I wrote as night fell on 9/11, “and America will never be the same again.”

Looking back over two decades, I can’t decide what’s weird – whether I wrote it in the darkness of that confusing day, or whether I justified it. United States Was Changed forever and – despite the early days where we hoped that sadness and debris would give birth to national unity and a sense of purpose that seemed to disappear in the isolated irony and greed of the 1990s. In turn, the drivers who go everywhere for crossings on Vine Street were not just traffic jams, but metaphors for the road ahead.


Ronald Brownstein./Atlantic Ocean.:

Remembering California could be a roadmap for Democrats.

Gavin Newsom’s strategy has momentum, and it provides a key template for its partner dams in 2022.

The president’s party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the vote. Polling earlier this summer suggests that Newsome faced a particularly severe version of the challenge. Democrats in California have shown little, if any, interest in memory than Republicans.

But the latest poll results, along with a large number of mail ballots already returned by Democratic voters, indicate that Newsom has turned off most of the excitement and that voting will end next Tuesday. But he has put himself in a strong position to defeat the memory. And it has done so in a way that could provide a key template for Democrats across the country in 2022: Newsom is less focused on selling its achievements than on raising the alarm that its Republican opponents are health The Corona virus will exacerbate the epidemic by repealing public concerns. Vaccines and masks as mandates, that he has implemented to fight it. He is running to replace GOP candidates who are linked not only to Donald Trump but also to Republican governors such as Ron de Santes in Florida and Greg Abbott in Texas, who have given mandates to fight the disease and others. Measures have been paused.


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