Biden is sending 13 officials to the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow.

Amid sharp rise in inflation and supply chain disruptions that have fueled commodity shortages and rising consumer prices, as well as a worsening border crisis, President Biden called on 13 top management officials and cabinet members. Sending to the UN climate summit next month. In Glasgow, Scotland

according to a Schedule obtained by CNNThe president is sending senior climate adviser Gina McCarthy and. Jet setting John Kerry The November summit will be attended by Secretary of State Tony Blanken, Transportation Secretary Pete Butty Gage, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, EPA Administrator Michael Reagan, Agriculture Secretary Tom Wilsk, Home Secretary Deb Holland, Treasury Secretary Janet Allen, U.S. Secretary of State , NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, WH Office of Science and Technology Policy Director Eric Lander, and National Economic Council Director Brian Des.

The White House says a large group of administration officials is demonstrating strength, to show that the United States is working with its allies.

Transportation Secretary Pat Battig arrived in the East Room of the White House on October 13, 2021, to attend a ceremony on global supply chain barriers.
Transportation Secretary Pete Butty Gage arrived at the White House on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, to attend an event on global supply chain disruptions.
AP Photo / Avon Wuchi

“In Glasgow, the United States will demonstrate President Biden’s entire style of governing the climate crisis,” a White House official told CNN. “They will demonstrate the strength of the entire U.S. government, which is working in a locked phase to reduce emissions and achieve our international climate commitments – and the countries that are taking decisive action on climate change. They will reap the economic and employment benefits of a clean energy future. “

President Biden will attend all 13 of the Climate Summits.

During the conference, the United States will meet with other world leaders to make further commitments to curb global warming, while emphasizing what the United States is doing to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Is. According to a White House official, the United States will encourage other countries to take steps to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Haitian immigrants use a dam to enter the United States from Mexico to Del Rio, Texas.
Haitian immigrants use a dam to enter the United States from Mexico in Del Rio, Texas on September 18, 2021.
AP Photo / Eric Gay, File.

The report comes at a time when the Biden administration is facing crises on several fronts, including border, supply chain and debt ceiling.

Yellen, a major supporter of the debt ceiling, is ready to attend the conference. He warned that if the nation defaulted on December 3, there would be “catastrophic” effects. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved a short-term increase in the debt ceiling. It will provide 80 480 billion to ensure that the federal government does not default by the end of this year.

Republicans have vowed to vote against the extension, and have urged Democrats to accept it on their own through reconciliation. However, the Democratic Party, which has been embroiled in infighting with key leaders, including Biden, has said it wants to stay out of the option as it seeks to pass a bilateral infrastructure bill and a massive spending package. Are

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is a big supporter of raising the debt limit.
Greg Nash / Pool by Reuters / File photo.

Butteig, who is also due to be sent to the summit, has recently been at the center of a nationwide supply chain crisis. Timely delivery Everyday Items and Holiday Gifts

Critics, some of whom doubt his ability due to his lack of experience, Buttigieg is urging action.

About 100 large ships have been waiting off the coast of Los Angeles for more than a month. Biden announced on Wednesday that Port of Los Angeles would be. Go to work schedule 24/7. Following the emergency example of the nearby port of Long Beach, which extended the hours three weeks ago to alleviate the growing supply chain crisis.

John Kerry, US Special Envoy for Climate Change
US Special Envoy John Kerry will attend the Climate Summit.
AP Photo / Patrick Siemensky.

Correspondent Kevin Brady (R. Texas) accused the administration of “months of delay and more than a dollar shortfall” in the supply chain crisis. Tell the Washington Examiner That the White House is in “denial.”

He later advised Buttig to “stop making it worse and deal with the real issues.”

At the same time, the administration has been criticized for not taking action to maintain security at the border.

Rep. Kevin Brady, R. Texas.
Rep. Kevin Brady, R. Texas, said the White House is “in denial.”
AP Photo / J. Scott Apple White.

Just last month, Del Rio, Texas saw approximately 15,000 immigrants, according to some estimates. Camp under the Del Rio International Bridge. At one point, after thousands, he crossed the Rio Grande.

Local and state officials appealed to the administration for help, citing a shortage of manpower and security concerns among Border Patrol personnel.

The administration insists it is detaining and deporting as many immigrants as possible under Title 42, but a September memo from the Department of Homeland Security revealed that the government does not have the resources. Catch everyone Who entered the United States illegally.


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