Biden Lanzara Project de Infrastructure Global ‘Alternative’ – El Financiro

President Joe Biden launched a global initiative for global infrastructure contrarrest las ambiciones internacionales de Chinaspecially in el Indo-PacificDijo el Asesor de Seguridad Nacional Jake Sullivan el jueves.

Anuncio está previsto para la cumbre del Group of losers de la proxima semana. Los jefes de Estado se reunirán del 26 to 28 June in Germany.

Initiated association by United States states Infrastructure Global, La Celluloid Physica and La Infrastructure Digital and proposed “an alternative to the chinos”, at the last instant, with feelings of millions of dollars upside down Between these parts and its secrets of the G7, Sullivan at an event organized by the Center for a New Security Establishment.

“We have the intention that this sea is one of the two distinguished states of the exterior of the administration of Biden during the rest of its mandate”, said Sullivan.

The esophagus will be in the air Finnish del sector privado y “Assignaciones presupuestarias directas relativamente modestas” del Gobierno de Estados Unidos, agregó.

The portal of the Ministry of External Relations of China, Wang Wen Bin, gave a view to a conference regularly in Pekín that, if not China would be satisfied with the exposure to promote the development of infrastructure in lacrosse. In the development of the global infrastructure infrastructure of the “info de juego de suma cero”.

“Initiative relevant to the state of the United States ignores the decision of all parties to a common cause and a mutually beneficial cooperation”, said, and added that “no obtendrá apoyo”.

EU plan with China and media tensions

The functional states are working to organize a possible lamada est verano between the President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi JinpingSee more people in Washington familiarized with the planes, with the other tensions between the two largest economies in the world.

There are no more details about what the United States wants to do when it comes to the llamada, but other functions of the Biden administration have become infatuated with the import of poner “barandillas” in relation to Beijing evitar que los desacuerdos se conviertan en una crisis.

Ukraine, Taiwan and the human rights If we meet the most important points in the relations between the United States and China, and the two countries are still competing for a mayor’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

“We are establishing a relationship, that is the need for connection”, said the youth of the United States of America, Nicholas Burns, at an event organized by the Brookings Institution when the question arose about the loss of the cosmos. “Because, above all, the last canal is the canal between our two presidents.

A person familiarized with the plan deciz that a possible llada de verano podría llegar en julio, pero quialquier reunión en persona de los dos líderes esperaría hasta después del congresso del partido communist de China a fines de año. Xi, who was looking for a terrifying mandate like Líder from China, also got rid of the internationals from which the COVID-19 has more than two hundred.

When asked about a possible reunion, Liu Pengyu, portable of the Chinese embassies in Washington, said in a teleconference that China and the United States “have two channels of communication communications”. The portal of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of China, Wang Wenbin, gave a view to a regular conference of the princes in Beijing that there was no information about a llamada. “We will always think that it is beneficial to maintain the lines of communication in all the news”, agregó.

A portal of the National Security Council of the Caucasus that the administration of the Biden siege maintains the communication lines to manage the competence with China, but does not relate to any of them.

Una llamada seguiría a una larga reunión entre el asesor de seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos, Jack Sullivany el principal diplomatic chino, Yang Jiechi, in Luxembourg this is the same. The United States states that the reunion “includes a discretionary, sustainable and productive approach to a series. Regional and global security arrangementsasí como Clashes between the United States and China

Having an event in Washington on Fridays, Sullivan exposes what the state-of-the-art functionaries say about the cost of China taking over “dominating the world”.

“When it comes to this world, it is a world that is more obscure and more to the family estudes, and it is one that we have adopted and are in favor of a vision of the world that really makes the world more beautiful. We are trying to make every day of the day an international panorama of turbulent and caring crisis ”, said Sullivan.

Mientras tanto, China provoked Washington. rodearlo treatment with a system of alianzas similar to the OTAN and treatment of recreate a version of the world of Guerra Fría. Beijing presided over the recent acquisitions of the islands of the Pacific to strengthen the economy and the security that would serve as the functionaries of Australia and the United States. Beijing has also alarmed repetitively the state-of-the-art functions in the last few months to offer that The Taiwanese language is not in the international arena.

Since embarking, with China enfocad at the COVID-19 brothels that have provoked a large number of espadrilles that interfere with the economic economy, the functionalities of the state are much more than that. China is the latest diplomatic diplomacy in Asia.

The last seasons are a chance to meet the United States of Asia, including by Biden, who will share Corea del Sur y Japan The last one, like the secretarial defense of Lloyd Austin and other functions of the State Department.

Biden y Xi hablaron por ultima vez en una Watch the video of the two horses on the 18th of Marchthe first despair of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The President of the United States advised on his homologue at the moment about the “conspiracies” and Beijing’s support for President Vladimir Putin’s guerrilla speech at the Casa Blanca.

The resumes more than the name of the brand published by China partly retreats a more disclaimer, including “the situation in Ukraine”. He told Biden that the invitation “no is something that we see”, that the resin chs chinos, and that “the aconteciemians are constantly reminded that the passages do not leave the point of encounter in the camp”.

Information by Peter Martin and Jennifer Jacobs de Bloomberg.