Biologist without a left hand.

How did we come to the ridiculous Code of Conduct in a government that considers itself left-wing, claims to be democratic and fights for tolerance? The 16-page document, distributed by the company, which includes paragraphs by owner Maria Elena Alvarez Baila, indicates that not only employees but also service providers and those seeking help have “negative comments or Opinions should be avoided Concert programs, “be careful when commenting on social networks” and “adhere to the public ethics claimed by the Fourth Amendment.” A corset to limit.
Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. If mathematicians and physicists have to be careful, economists or.
Political scientists are tantamount to ordering silence, except for those who can support 4T.

Oddly enough, it all came not from the party’s political commissioner sent to control science, but from a respected scientist with a long history in his field, such as Dr. Alvarez Baila. Someone who leaves the presidency badly to appear more popist than pope, or more obrador than obrador. The famous science award-winning biologist may be a shining light on cell mitosis and meiosis, but she is clumsy when it comes to administration and politics, or to put humans in a hurry. I have no doubt that the doctor’s intentions are clearly on the lines of eliminating the abuses, privileges and corruption that exist in the area by the bureaucracy and its allies. But trying to solve a problem does not make it an effective way to reach it.

Knowledge of a field is not necessary for us to handle it. This is a necessary requirement, but not enough. The best surgeon may be disqualified as a hospital director, even though he knows the life of the institution well.

I have no doubt that every president does his best (although in the process some want to enrich themselves and others to get rid of their phobias and felias). But the quality of public administration, above the general guidelines of the autonomous, depends on the performance of the cadres who occupy the hundreds of first-level positions required for the federal bureaucracy. They are under-secretaries, area general directors (usually three per secretariat), senior officials and heads of various organizations, institutions, trusts and committees that link the policies stated by the top leadership to reality. Cadres between 200 and 300 are responsible for matching suggestions and solutions to problems and challenges. On their shoulders, they carry out the task of adapting, correcting or reconsidering strategies and measures in view of their impact on society.

Finding this layer of officials is an important part of distinguishing between a moderate effective government or a destructive one, regardless of the good intentions of a president. And if this is already a challenge in regular times, the challenge is huge when it comes to alternative government. This happened with Vicente Fox (2000-2006) who tried to replace the high PRI bureaucracy with businessmen and private sector executives, whose mixed results paved the way for a long process of trial and error. And then it happened to Philip Calderin (2006-2012), who did not want to rely on one or the other, and recruited from the Pen Base with little or no experience in the federal administration. It is not surprising that in his thirties, the cabinet of ministers and deputy ministers was rapidly overwhelmed by many of these issues (and the best example of this is that, in addition to all these garbage dumps, a No one survives in public service except the couple).

Something similar has happened with obradorismo, and it can’t happen otherwise. To address this, the President used everything he could to help them, guiding the candidates with intuition rather than personal knowledge. More than specific experience in a position, AMLO gained general knowledge of the issues at stake, but above all an identity with its intention to change the lives of the poor and fight corruption. To build his team, he looked to the PRI, the left, the pan and society and found a diverse team, a mix of veterans and novices. This is understandable. In some cases, previous experience was fundamental, such as that of Pico Ignacio Taibo at the FCE or Luisa Maria Alcalde at the Ministry of Labor, with more than satisfactory results. In others, such as Agrin, Roman Meyer, secretary of regional and urban development, personal ability compensates for the lack of experience following the comprehensible learning process. In others, as in them.
Vector Manuel Toledo, Semernat’s secretary has already resigned, and Alvarez Baila, both of whom are deep experts in their subject, we discovered along the way that the work
Driving number in an organization
It was part of their inventory.

I don’t think Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has nominated him for such a position. In theory, he had credentials. But it may have to hold on to this position at all costs, once it has shown that it does not have the capacity and the left hand to handle such a wide and diverse field. However, it represents a high price for workers to face the unnecessary scientific and intellectual community. To assume that all the criticism or questions that the Concert Director receives is simply due to his actions, which are aimed at clearing the institution, which he is undoubtedly trying to do, is tantamount to ignoring this fact. He is not a good government employee. Suffice it to say that just by writing the above, I would be violating the code of conduct laid down by him, due to which I would not be able to have any connection with his institution. It’s not like I’m looking for it or wanting it, fortunately, but very accurately, it doesn’t seem like it.



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