Blackford says lessons will be learned from the MP’s “inappropriate” behavior.


It has promised the SNP that after an employee complained about the behavior of MP Patrick Grady and claimed that he had faced “living hell”, an external review to see the co-operation available to staff. Will be taken

An independent investigation by the Glasgow North MP found that he had misbehaved with a male party worker at a party and was suspended from parliament for two days.

But handling the complaint has been criticized, especially by the victim herself, who has said she is now considering legal action.

Speaking for the first time on the issue, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said he was “committed to providing the staff with the help they need” as he had promised. Will go

Glasgow North MP Patrick Grady was found by an independent investigation to have misbehaved with a staff member. (Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament / PA)

His comments came after audio of a party meeting was leaked where Mr Blackford said he was “looking forward to welcoming Patrick back into the group” and encouraged fellow MPs to Support them as much as possible.

However, the complainant stated that he feared he would not be “welcomed” to the job, as he added that he was considering his options.

“If it involves legal action, then so be it,” he added.

In a statement issued Tuesday evening, Mr Blackford said: “As SNP Westminster leader, I have a responsibility to look after all my staff.

“That’s why I’m deeply sorry that one of the staff members was mistreated. It was totally unacceptable and it should never have happened. I’m sorry it happened.”

He added: “Staff should have full confidence that the group takes complaints seriously.

“In this case, the Independent Complaints and Complaints Scheme investigated what happened. We respect and accept this independent process.

We will consider all the lessons that will be learned to ensure that the staff is confident they will get the help they need.

Mr Blackford continued: “More than that, however, staff have the right to feel fully supported when making a complaint. I am sorry that the complainant does not feel that this is the case.

“The way this situation has gone public in the last few days, including the recording of the parliamentary group, has hurt the complainant in others and I am sorry that this is the case.”

He said: “We will consider all the lessons that need to be learned to ensure that staff have full confidence that they will get the help they need.

“Thus, I am launching an external review of the support available to staff, to sit down with the independent consultation service and the independent complaints process.

“It’s never been easier to raise complaints like this, and I’m determined that staff get the help they need.”

Mr Grady has already said he was “deeply sorry” for his behavior after being found to have violated parliament’s sexual misconduct policy.

Her comments came after a report on her behavior stated that she “had an unwanted sexual encounter with the complainant, which involved touching and beating the complainant’s neck, hair and back. Was

Commenting on Mr Blackford’s statement, Scottish Conservative Party Chairman Craig Huey said: “It is shocking that Ian Blackford took so long to realize that he should apologize.

“The SNP Westminster leader has made a terrible decision and is now apologizing in frustration for saving his skin.

“His reputation is in jeopardy and he should go, so that no victim is allowed to go down again.”

Scottish Labor MSP Neil Baby MSP added: “This is not a real apology, this is an apology for someone who has been caught.

“All victims deserve a fair system, but the fact is that the SNP showed no interest in it, refused to take meaningful action and welcomed the return of a man who sexually abused his staff. tried to.

“From the beginning, the SNP has acted in a way that is shameful, closing the ranks and intimidating the people who tried to bring this story to light.

“There is no place in politics for men who turn a blind eye to abuse because it was committed by a friend.

Mr Blackford, Britain’s third-party leader and close ally of the prime minister, should be sidelined.