Blackrock and Citibanamex Lanzan fund of enfocado en megacandencias

BlackRock and Citibanamex announce the benefits Fondo BLKMEGAThe main inverter in rental variable instruments that offer exposure to Cincinnati megatendencias that seeks to impose the change in the global economy, the enterprises and the society: Rapid urbanization, changing climatic and economic resources, emerging economic potential, changing demographic and social, and technological advances.

The megatendencias are fuerzas globals, impulses for economic, social and regulatory changes, which have the potential to transform the world and represent attractive opportunities in relation to largo. The Fundo BLKMEGA is available at the Banca Patrimonial and Privilege of Citibanamex from the 31st of January 2022 and represent an alternative diversification international for its innovators.

Respect, Sergio Mendes, Director General de Blake Rock Mexico, commented: “In BlackRock, we are compliant with helping the inversionist locations alconzar its metas financiers. For that reason, we will continue to develop innovative products that are based on a unique vision. With BLKMEGA, invertebrates can get exposure to distinguished sectors, geographies, issues of market capitalization and enterprises that are looking for a crucial role in the development of globalization. “

Black rockLike an independent gestor, and the largest in Mexico, with the connoisseur of $ 1.35 billion pesos and activated bajo gestión (AUM for sus siglas in England), including about ta 600 milliliters of plates.

En cuanto a fondos de inversiónBlackRock manages to integrate a portfolio of 48 inbound, inbound, outbound, outbound corto as fargo plazo, rental variable local and inbound and multimedia inbound interactions.

For your part Rodrigo Cordova, Director Corporate de Wealth Management de StebanamexCommentó: “The objection of Citibanamex is always offering to our clients the options options that we are looking for. increase in patrimonio. Who El Fondo BLKMEGA y de la mano de nuestro socio estratégico Black rockWe maintain our compromise with our clients and our achievements based on the most innovative industries that are transforming our realities and creating the future of the world.

The megatendencias en las que el Founder BLKMEGA invents, contemporaneous limps energy, electric currents, agua gestation, diversity and inclusion, entre otros. It says, all the elements that are present in the lives of many people and that we are reconciled to the form in which we meet, live, work and relate with other people.

Las Inversion Funds administered by BlackRock Mexico and distributed by CitibanamexThe value of the Funds of Inversion conlleva un riesgo de mercado involving a possible minuscule capital reduction.

These products are not guaranteed by BlackRock Mexico, Citibanamex or by any other integrated integration of Grupo Financiero Citibanamex or Citigroup, nor by any serious entity.

The public information from the Fondos de Inversión is found on the page

Acerca de BlackRock

The proposition of BlackRock is to help more and more people to experiment with financing. Como fiduciario para los inversionistas, y como provador de tecnología financiera, los cliente acuden en bosca de las solu quean que necitan al planar sus objetivos más a importantieses.

As of December 31, 2021, BlackRock has approximately $ 10 billion worth of deals and activations in the administration of the number of leading entrepreneurs in the world. For more information, visit the website Twitter: laBlackRockMX