Blame game media coverage leaves out many important concepts.

David Rothkov./ Daily animals:

Biden has the right to say that it is time for us to leave Afghanistan.

After he spoke, the speaker came out loud and argued that he had not accepted responsibility. But “money stops here” is the ultimate expression of a president who owns his actions. “It doesn’t explain how we can be in the situation we are in,” he said.


Matthew Iglesias /Slow boring:

Biden (and Trump) did the right thing in Afghanistan.

The war was lost long ago – if it ever won.

Looking at Donald Trump in action over the past five years, many have had the opportunity to appreciate some of the positive qualities of George W. Bush that they may not have seen at the time or during his last three years in office. Will be forgotten during the end. in the office. But the rapid fall of the US-backed government in Afghanistan this week and the Taliban’s conquest of Kabul once again reflect the bizarre nature of Bush’s presidency.

This evil is not because he is the worst person to hold office, nor because his ideas are particularly rotten.

But the public reaction to 9/11 and 9/11, which raised Bush’s approval rating, gave him extraordinary freedom of action for a modern president. Obviously, any president would respond to these attacks with the use of military force. But the public was open to all points of view, the international community was open to all points of view, and the United States was not taken seriously by any of the rival powers. There was so much you could do. And what he has chosen to do is very bad. And while it’s been more than a decade since he stepped down to unravel what he’s made, I don’t think it makes sense to watch the election that gave Trump his term. Biden without the context of the Bush era without these few months


Margaret Telio./ Axios:

Axios-Ipsos Poll: Most Americans are in favor of the mandate.

Most Americans support vaccination to make masks compulsory in schools and to return to the workplace, and they oppose states’ efforts to ban such practices. Axios / Ipsos Corona Virus Index..

But, but, but: The survey found that the Republican base is so disproportionate to grain that it helps explain the deviations of many Red State governors.

  • It also highlighted regional differences, most importantly the mandate with the Midwesterners.

What they are saying: “That’s why we’re seeing so much controversy,” said Cliff Young, president of Epsus US Public Affairs.

  • “These figures show that public policy and public health are constantly challenged by our politics today” and that “at the end of the day, it’s all politics – local.”

Mike Shrine /Twitter:

One argument of critics is that, as Brett Stephens claims, the United States had a minimal presence that “any American president could maintain … almost indefinitely – no chance of defeating the Taliban.” But none of them were defeated. “

“In other words,” Stephens added, “we’ve got enough of a solution for a nation that we can’t save or lose. This is a very simple, dangerous and misleading man. Many problems with this vision of a permanent minimal war:

1. There is no end to the effort in this scheme. No, if we agree that governance + other key indicators were stuck or vice versa, this clever strategy really connects America to war forever. Which major democracy has maintained such a role (in * active * combat) for 3+ decades?

2. Even at the small power level, there are economic costs. The proposed 2021 cost was 14 14 billion, with a significant reduction estimated. We could easily see the spikes if the violence fluctuated. So, with powerful domestic needs, do we spend 20 20 billion a year on a never-ending war?

3. The “live forever” plan assumes that the Taliban will endure such a stalemate forever. They will not. The last few days show that he had unused political + military power. If they feel that the United States is digging for establishment, they will grow, not give up.

4. In fact, the best guess is that there has never been a barrier to safety. It is difficult to map Taliban control, but there are many indications that power has gradually increased. The last few days show that he was gaining more influence than we thought.

Helen Branswell./ State News:

Excellent print: Understand the new policy allowing immunocompromised doses of the extra-vaccine.

But the new policy of US health officials, Announced last weekend., Gathered in a hurry. It answers some questions but in some cases does not, because there is no data to decide.

Some experts believe that the new policy may have created enough relief to allow non-immunocompromised people easy access to a third dose.



According to policy experts, the failure of the United States to pay workers on time undermines the vaccine campaign.

Shortcomings are playing a less reported role in the reluctance of vaccines in the country, especially in low-income populations. Research by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that workers who are not paid to take shots or deal with potential side effects are less likely to be vaccinated.

About two out of ten unsafe employees. He said he was more likely to be vaccinated if his employer paid him. Vaccine clinic representatives said in interviews that the time off issue was one of the handful they usually hear from people who are hesitant about the vaccine.


LA Times:

The United States has announced a water shortage for the Colorado River for the first time, leading to a decline in western states.

U.S. officials on Monday announced the first shortage of water from a river that serves 40 million people in the West Arizona farmers. Amid severe drought next year

The water level in Colorado’s largest reservoir – Lake Med – has dropped to a record low. Along its circle, a white “bathtub ring” of minerals indicates where a high line of water once stood, indicating serious water challenges for a growing population and a region facing drought. Is. .

States, cities, farmers, and others have diversified their water sources over the years, helping to soften future cuts. Federal officials said Monday’s announcement shows that conditions have worsened than scientists predicted in 2019, when some states in the Colorado River Basin agreed to give up water shares to maintain levels on Lake Mead. Done.


And in other news, for those who prefer. Red Cross alternative:

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