Blankenship says migration cooperation with Mexico has never been so strong.

E-secretaryUnited States, Anthony Blanken.This Friday, it confirmed that migration cooperation with Mexico has “never been so solid” amid criticism of the region’s historic migration wave and criticism of both governments for treating refugees.

We have to solve this incredibly difficult issue together, I think it has never been stronger.“, Announcement But in a press conference with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebard.

The Secretary of State made the announcement following a high-level security dialogue. Mexico and the United States. The Merida Initiative announced a change to the 2008 Security Strategy, based on a military approach with a two-year annual understanding, with a more comprehensive vision.

The clash comes as thousands of Haitians are stranded on the border. In shelters in Mexico and various parts of the country, and the United States seeks to re-enforce the Immigrant Protection Protocol (MPP). Known as “Living in Mexico” or “Living in Mexico”.

Both Ebard and Blinken. He denied that he had addressed the MPP at the meeting, which obliges applicants to seek asylum in the United States from the territory of Mexico, or Title 42, which addresses the health crisis. Allows immediate deportation of immigrants from the United States.

Asked by the press, the US Secretary of State said the White House Joe Biden seeks to address the reasons.“When he remembered that he had promised to invest 4 4 billion in the development of Central America within four years.. “We are committed to having a dynamic border that is a link between the two countries, between our peoples, for trade, and it is a living thing.“Those who did not share specific dates for the arrival of the investment,” said Blinken.

Both Washington and Mexico have recently been criticized for using U.S. border patrols and Mexico National Guard that attacks refugees.

But Blankenship insisted the United States was “committed” to enforcing its laws. “In full respect of human rights and the dignity of all people”

Abrard, meanwhile, denied that the Mexican government was providing deportation planes to Haitians who had come to apply for asylum in the past month. United States.

The Secretary of State reminded that, according to his calculations, 90% of them have already taken refuge in Brazil and Chile or other Latin American countries, but they try to reach the United States under the guise of smugglers who promise. That they will seek refugeHe noted that about 14,000 people from Haiti have applied for asylum in Mexico. In the last half year, a similar number has been distributed in shelters across the country.

“We have asylum, we are a country of 126 million people, if 15,000 people come from Haiti, they want to work, they want to live here, that’s not a problem for Mexico.Abrard Assurance


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