Boris Johnson will emphasize the “obvious virtues” of Rwanda’s asylum policy for Prince Charles.


Ors Johnson said he was ready to emphasize the “obvious virtues” of Rwanda’s asylum policy for the Prince of Wales when he talks in Kigali following Charles’ alleged criticism.

The prime minister called opponents of plans to forcibly remove refugees from the East African country “ridiculous”, a policy the prince called “terrible”.

But Downing Street tried to lower expectations, and the pair will discuss the scheme, which is due to legal challenges, following talks between No. 10 and Clarence House on Thursday.

They will meet in the Rwandan capital on Friday to discuss a cup of tea at the center of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with Rwandan President Paul Kagame at a bilateral meeting in Kigali (Dan Cutwood / PA) / PA Wire

This comes after Mr Johnson held talks with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, during which he failed to address key human rights concerns about his government.

The government in Kigali said it had received payments under the اور 120 million economic and relocation agreement two months ago, and had already spent some.

The talks between the prime minister and Charles will be their first, when it was reported that the prince called the policy “terrible” in private remarks.

Mr Johnson said he was “delighted” to have Prince Charles and everyone present today to see a country that has undergone a complete, or great change.

During an interview with a broadcaster at a school in Kigali, the prime minister was asked if he was ready to defend the policy if Charles raised it.

“People need to be open-minded about policy, critics need to be open-minded about policy. A lot of people can see its obvious virtues. So yes, of course, if I see Prince tomorrow. I have, so I will express it, “said Mr Johnson.

Boris Johnson during a GS Kacyiru II school tour in Kigali (Dan Kitwood / PA) / PA Wire

Speaking to reporters as he prepared to leave for Rwanda, Mr Johnson said he hoped the trip “would probably help others end their soft-spoken attitude towards Rwanda and How can a partnership work? “

But an official spokesman for the prime minister said it was “unlikely” that Mr Johnson would come up with the policy, which he said was not “at the forefront”.

It was thought Charles was unlikely to bring it up.

Mr Kagame has been praised for his role in ending the 1994 genocide in which ethnic Houthi extremists killed about 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Houthis during the 100-day civil war.

But since then, his government has been accused of political repression, alleged murder and imprisonment of critics.

Downing Street had suggested that Mr Johnson, who visited the Kagali Genocide Memorial on Thursday, would raise human rights concerns.

But after their meeting, their spokesman said: “I’m not sure they discussed the fact that in their meeting, they talked about a lot of issues.

“You will find that some rights concerns have been raised on several occasions, including at the ministerial level recently, so this is what we raise with Rwanda.”

Despite this being Mr. Johnson’s first visit to the nation in his tenure at No. 10, he did not intend to visit any of the residences reserved for the scheme.

Prince of Wales talking to students during a visit to the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College in Kigali (Jonathan Brady / PA) / PA Wire

The first flight to Rwanda was scheduled to take off last week, but was canceled due to successful legal challenges before a full hearing on the legal status of the scheme in UK courts.

Despite the policy being effectively grounded until a decision on its legal status is made in the UK courts, the pair claimed it was already working.

The No. 10 spokesman said: “The leaders also praised the successful UK-Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership, which is tackling dangerous smuggling gangs and giving people a chance to live a new life in a safe country. Has been. “

On Thursday night, Mr. Johnson was to attend a leaders’ dinner hosted by Mr. Kagame.

The next day, they will attend the opening ceremony of the Chogum, attend the Summit Sessions, and dine at a banquet hosted by Charles.