Boston Celtics star Evan Fournier ready to command at least 14 14 million per season in free agency

According to NBA rumors, Boston Celtics Ahead and France’s victory star Team USA on Sunday, Ivan Forner, Is expected to command at least 14mm each season as a free agent this summer.

Orlando, 28, is starting another solid shooting year, playing for both magic and the Celtics, linked to 41 threes and 46 field goal attempts. Earlier it was expected that they would be extremely bitter after assets in the office season and hopes of moving to another big market franchise after the collapse of Team USA in the Olympics have increased.

NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Ready to Fight Opponents

Ivan Forner's business took place in the Boston Celtics mid-season
Ivan Forner’s business took place in the Boston Celtics mid-season

Despite France’s significant 28 points in the game despite beating USA in the opening match of the Olympics, Ivan Fournier was already expected to be on the organisation’s radar as he unveiled an uninterrupted next week. Will become a free agent.

Still, he knows 50% accuracy on the field against the players and was a timely reminder of the leadership qualities displayed on the French backcourt that the Boston Celtics will miss if they fail to bring him back.

Playing in the Olympics is a threat to Fournier. Injury will severely affect his chances of a big deal. However, all is well, the Celtics beat the reporter Brian Rob According to his league sources, he has stated that he will possibly command North 14 14 million. Especially if he will continue in the same vein on Sunday according to his performance.

Despite being a regular scorer, there is room in the market for wing shooters and there are many teams in the league with a place to offer a contract to Fornier where he is coming (17 million / year). It puts Boston in the driving seat, especially with its bird rights to keep the Frenchman alive. It can also be disastrous if they disqualify him from looking for a viable alternative to the flexibility in his pay cap.

The free agency market opens on August 2, while Ivan Fournier is still in Tokyo. However, talks between him, the Boston Celtics and other teams in the NBA will continue during this time. Although there are some teams in the league that have the right cap space for a two-way defender, some of these teams are in dire need of a player of their caliber and with their skills, such as the New York Knicks and Dallas. Mavericks.


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