Boston fans will cheer for Astros, but the Red Sox are also notorious cheats.

Astros go everywhere, they join them. Some “cheating” slogans Thrown for good measure. It will no doubt be at Fenway Park as the Astros travel to Boston for three games in the middle of the American League Championship Series.

Of course, Red, Red Sox fans need a complete lack of self-awareness to send a curse on another team for cheating.

The 2018 Red Sox, who won the World Series a year after the Astros won their first title, were found. The replayroom’s live video feed is used to steal opponents’ marks and deliver them to batsmen in real time.. Sounds familiar? That’s exactly what Astros did during his 2017 championship season, other than that. Astros hit the trash can to relay the trail and took it one step further.. Major League Baseball investigations revealed that the Red Sox’s system was used when they had a runner, who took marks from the dugout and then pointed them at the batsman.

Common differences in these schemes? Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who became the Astros bench coach in 2017 and the Red Sox manager in 2018 and again in 2021.

In the Astros investigation, Commissioner Rob Manfred concluded that “Kora (Trash) was involved in both the design of the Banning Scheme and the use of the Replay Review Room to decode and transfer markings.” Participated in both the schemes and through his active participation clearly forgave the behavior of the players.

In the Astros scheme, most of the blame fell on Cora, Astros manager AJ Hench, general manager Jeff Lohno and veteran Carlos Beltran. The Red Sox blamed the team’s replay room operator, JT Watkins, who was also the team’s main advance scout.

In January 2020, Major League Baseball suspended Hench and Lohno for one year following their investigation. Of Astros took a step forward and chased the two men away..

A day later, The Red Sox followed suit and fired Kora.Three months later, he was given a one-year suspension by Baseball for his role in the Astros scandal, and Baseball also suspended Watkins for the 2020 season. This season he was banned from working in the replay room.

After a 24-36 win over the epidemic in the 2020 season, the Red Sox have decided that Kora has been given enough punishment and has been brought back to lead the team this year.

Of course, the Red Sox were found to be cheating long before Cora arrived in Boston.

During the 2017 season in which the Astros were stealing traces and throwing trash cans, Major League Baseball decided that the Red Sox were Stealing traces and contacting them via Apple Watch in the dugout.. The investigation revealed that the marks were being stolen directly from the video feed, then sent to someone’s Apple Watch at the dugout, which sent a message to the players at the dugout, which would indicate to the players on the field who C pitch is coming. The Red Sox were fined for the offense and the rest of baseball was warned against using electronic devices to steal signs.

Astros ignored the warnings and has since returned with a red letter. The Red Sox ignored those warnings in 2018, but don’t treat opposing fans almost the same.

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