Boxing News Donte Wilder released the first official statement after his defeat to Tyson Rosh. Congratulations to the Gypsy King

Donte Wilder. Eventually, his silence was broken. Catastrophic damage To Tyson Fury

The 35-year-old noted that when he was disappointed with the outcome of the fight, he found comfort in giving fans what they expected from the expected third match.

Wilder and Fury shared a boxing ring for the third time last week at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ was knocked out by ‘The Gypsy King’ in the 11th round of their entertaining battle.

Taking to Instagram to make up for his loss, Wilder encouraged his team and fans to stand by him. He also failed to congratulate Fury on his 31st professional boxing victory. He made sure to thank the British for the “great historical memories” of his three battles.

Read Donte Wilder’s full statement below:

“Wow, what a night! I would first like to thank God for allowing me to give another part of the world with passion and determination. I want to thank my team and my fans. Through this long process I lied if I said I was not disappointed with the results but after considering my journey, now I see that God wants me to experience what I want. More than I expected. We didn’t win, but a wise man once said that victories are in the lesson. I am a true warrior and a true king. Hopefully we have proved that no matter how many difficulties and trials you face, you can always choose to live and what you believe in. But at least I want to congratulate @ gypsyking101 for their victory and for them. Thank you for the great historical memories that will last forever. “

At the end of their three-way fight, Rosh approached Wilder for a friendly exchange. However, the former WBC heavyweight champion Not interested “Showing sportsmanship,” according to Rosh.

What’s next for Donut Wilder?

Donte Wilder was rushed to hospital. Knockout Wilder was not seriously injured, but his nose was damaged, Tyson Rosh coach Malik Scott told ES News.

Talking about the return of Donte Wilder, Scott made it clear that ‘The Bronze Bomber’ wants to take a break from boxing. He added that Wilder did not get enough rest after his first fight with Fury and would make sure he was fully recovered before returning to the game.

Watch Malik Scott’s full interview with ES News:


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