Brady will blow up the Box Eagles.

Be careful.۔

Be careful.
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We’re five weeks into the NFL season, and frankly, Philadelphia is being seriously disrespected. Just take a look at any post. Power rating.

You’re telling me that the Seattle Sea Hawks, who have a record like the Eagles, keep you in mind, and have only lost their breeding skills in the quarterbacks for the next few weeks, what better team than the Philadelphia Eagles right now? Is? Are you telling me that the Denver Broncos, who beat three weaker teams, are better than the Eagles in defeating only two slightly more capable teams? The Broncos are believed to have a strong defense and allowed the Steelers to run up to 147 yards, which is almost double their number. More than last season. Are you telling me that the Carolina Panthers, who only lost to the Eagles at home and only manage one trip in the final zone, are ten places higher than the Eagles? Should they be taller than the Eagles? Yes, but ten spots? This is too much. The Eagles are undoubtedly the top 20 team, maybe even the top 18 team in the league. I know exactly what I’m going to say next.

The Eagles will be crushed tonight.

As the Dallas Cowboys beat the Eagles in Week 3, the Buckeyes will dominate every aspect of the game and go on to win with two possessions. “Oh, but Tampa Bay has more holes than the defense plot line. The last serious.. “It’s true, but you know who else has a defense that can’t stop the pass?” Dallas and Kansas City Certainly, the Eagles averaged 25.5 points in their games against these teams, but they allowed 41.5. Now, throw away the fact that unlike the Cowboys and the Chiefs, the box can actually stop the run, and the game is going to be increasingly ugly.

Box’s offense is also unusually similar to Philadelphia. Teams that can pass the ball effectively against the Eagles tear it apart on the field. Not only are the Boxes one of the most effective passing attacks in the NFL – seventh in the NFL Net yard per effort (7.4, just two points lower than the Dallas Cowboys) – but he. Pass the ball more often. More than any other team in the league. In addition, the Buckeyes do not spin the ball through the air, despite passing more than a full percentage of the ball than any other team in the NFL. They are the only team in the league with less than one percent intercept percentage (0.9 percent), and they are doing so while leading the league in touchdown (15).

Although the Eagles have done well defensively this season against teams that like to run the ball (and the Atlanta Falcons, but everyone has done well defensively against them), they are high. Octane has not been able to sustain the offense, even when the teams have a terrible pass defense.

Maybe you can blame Jillian Hurtz for that. But he is still young. The recipients around him are green, and a permanent goal that the team has achieved in previous years, Zach Ertz, is no longer a reliable target. While Dallas Goddard may be the most permanent target for the Hurts this season, he will catch the eye of the Tampa Bay linebackers. The Buckeyes have only allowed one touchdown to resist tight ends all season, so don’t expect too much from Guidert.

I like eagles I like the future they are creating. I like their young cover. I don’t mind their defense either, but they are one of the most predictable teams in the league in terms of success. They beat the teams they should beat. They lose to the teams they should lose to. They are far better than the teams. Tonight will be no different. Box up to 15.


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