Brett Favre, in conjunction with the Concession Legacy Foundation, warned the team against children playing football.

Brett Favre, in conjunction with the Connection Legacy Foundation, has warned children against dealing with football before the age of 14.۔

Brett Favre, in conjunction with the Connection Legacy Foundation, has warned children against dealing with football before the age of 14.
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Lately, it seems like every time we listen. Brett Favre’s name in the newsThe reason is that he has said something controversial. This time Favor’s name is in the headlines because of a positive message he is sending. The topic he is talking about is important for people who are involved in football at any level. More directly related to youth football.

Favor Connection is working closely with the Legacy Foundation, which has been introduced in a new PSA on CTE, urging parents to keep their children up to the age of 14. Don’t let me play football.

I’m sure you’re thinking, iChoose the best person to convey this message.? Of course, he had some controversial moments and comments over the years, and of course, He has been charged Of Sexual harassment by more than one woman. We can agree on that. But at least, When it comes to discussing a topic and CTE, you won’t find more people than Favre talking about the disease.

Play for 20 years. In an era in the NFL where quarterbacks weren’t as secure on the field as they are today, Fayre is a great spokesperson to help parents understand the dangers of dealing with football.

And let’s be clear, neither Fever nor CLF is against playing children’s games or even football. He hopes to convince parents that children do not have to hit the football field before the age of 14.

Favre 4 Flag is a direct warning to parents about the dangers of CTE and not to put children in harm’s way where the disease is concerned. Fawcett has spoken openly about his own symptoms and possible early signs of CTE, such as dealing with memory loss.

One of the co-founders of CLF, Chris Novensky, PhD, has had his experiences with concussions and post-concussion syndrome. Before changing his career as a WWE professional wrestler, Novensky played football at Harvard University. So, Chris knows a thing or two about hitting the skull.

If parents are going to hear from someone about the CTE issue, it could very well be Dr. Novensky, who has spent more than a decade dealing with the effects of strokes on the head and later concussion syndrome. Researching

“I feel better now, better than I have been in the last 18 years, but I still have some lasting symptoms.Novinsky told DeadSpin.

Novensky points. For a study conducted by the CDC. The study found that The youngsters tested the football athletes with an average of 378 hits. Compared to the head per season, the young football players take only 8 per season.

Nowinski, along with co-founder Dr. Robert Cantu, founded CLF in 2007. Nowinski He is also the Outreach, Recruitment, Education, and Public Policy Leader for Boston University’s CTE Center, which he founded in 2008 in conjunction with the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank.

Novensky. Since 2011, WWE has also worked with its former employers on ways to secure professional wrestling to reduce the experience of their artists.

It has taken time, but the NFL has tried to make its game a little safer. In general, we all know that football is violent, but the NFL has made some progress in the last decade with changes in various principles. At one point, most have complained about the NFL’s new rules over the past decade, but they are there for good reason.

“Our research has shown the difficulties of developing CTE as a soccer player increases your play by 30% every year.Novinsky explained.

Parents, we now have the information, and with more research released each year, there is no more excuse not to know. The future of your children depends on it. Flag Soccer is a great platform to teach kids the game of football and its basics..

Like Fever’s PSA, take the time to learn more about CTE and how quickly it can begin to develop in the brain. The difference between staying healthy for a long time Life and alternatives

S.Take it down and watch this message with your kids. By the end of it, you’ll be glad you did.


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