Brian Danielson explains why modern fans prefer Tony Khan’s publicity.

Wrestling is not as mainstream as it used to be, but. Brian Danielson. Believes AEW The company is over. Fans should see if they want to come back.

After rejecting Brian Danielson’s offer, he joined Tony Khan’s promotion. WWEReferring to his love for professional wrestling and his desire to work in a strong way as some of the reasons.

While talking WDELAEW is modernizing professional wrestling and, therefore, is a big draw with young fans, said American Dragon.

“One thing I think is great about AEW is that if you haven’t seen wrestling in a long time, or you’ve gotten away from it, I encourage you to give it a try. Because AEW is modernizing professional wrestling, a lot of professional wrestling is stuck in the old mindset, but I think young fans are really attracted to AEW because they are modernizing. The world has changed a lot in the 20 years since then. The pace at which we expect things has changed a lot. AEW has taken these changes and put them into wrestling, “said Brian Danielson.

Brian Danielson believes that time passes during AEW shows.

AEW has been consistently good that “this could be the best dynamite event.” Has become a clutch (but it may be the best event of dynamite)

Brian Danielson, who has wrestled on both AEW’s weekly television shows, believes that time passes during the show, due to the audience in the building.

Brian Danielson said, “When you see two hours on dynamite or an hour on a riot, it flies away. It feels like an incredible experience. Because of the people in the building, you can see it. It’s a different experience. “

It’s hard to argue with the former WWE Champion’s assessment, as three hours a week feels too short. The two-hour dynamite is ideal at this time, as it is able to entertain the audience throughout the show.

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