British Airways employees vote to strike over pay dispute

GMB and UNIT members supported the industrial action.

The unions say holidaymakers face obstacles, warning of summer strikes.

Workers, including check-in staff, will now decide on strike dates, which the union says are likely to take place during the summer holidays.

Nadine Hutton, GMB’s national officer, said: “With serious predictions, holidaymakers are facing a major setback because of British Airways’ pigs.

“BA has tried to offer pieces to our members in the form of a 10% one-time bonus payment, but this has not reduced the mustard.

“Our members need to restore the 10% they stole from them last year with a full refund salary and the 10% bonus that was paid to other colleagues.

It’s not too late to save the summer holidays – other BA workers have reversed their pay cuts.

GMB members in Heathrow have been subjected to numerous abuses as they deal with travel chaos due to staff shortages and IT failures.

“At the same time, their salaries have been slashed during the BA’s severe fire and re-employment policy.

“What did BA think was going to happen?”

It’s not too late to save the summer holidays – other BA workers have reversed their pay cuts.

“Do the same for the ground and check-in staff and this industrial process can be put to the test.”

The strike will increase the difficulties faced by passengers at airports.

Asked if she would book a BA flight in the next few months, Ms Houghton told BBC Radio 4KPM: “Not at this stage.”

Oliver Richardson, United National Aviation Officer, said: “The problems that British Airways are facing are entirely its own.

“It brutally cut jobs and salaries during epidemics, even though the government was paying them to save jobs.

“In the case of this controversy, they have insulted this workforce, reduced the salary by 10% so that it can be restored to the managers but not to our members.

“BA is treating its loyal workforce as second-class citizens and they will not tolerate it for a second.

“The strike will inevitably disrupt BA services in Heathrow.

“The company has a brief opportunity to restore the salaries of its members before the strike call. I urge the BA not to waste this opportunity.

Downing Street said the strike would increase the “trouble” of passengers at airports and called on the BA to take urgent action.

A spokesman for No. 10 said: “This is clearly a matter for British Airways and the unions and we would strongly encourage both of us to come together to find a solution.

“We do not want to see any more obstacles for the passengers and the strike will increase the difficulties faced by the passengers at the airports.

“The DFT (Department of Transport) will work closely to see clearly what BA can take and we expect BA to take emergency measures to ensure that disruption is minimized. And that passengers should be returned wherever there is an obstacle. “

GMB members voted 91% in favor of industrial action, while United said 94% of its members supported the action.

A BA statement said: “We are deeply disappointed by the outcome and that the unions have chosen this initiative.

“Despite the extremely difficult environment and the losses of over bn 4bn, we offered a 10% payment which was accepted by the majority of the other partners.

“We are fully committed to working together to find a solution, because we have to work as a team to deliver our customers and rebuild our business.

“Of course we will keep our customers updated on what this means for them as the situation changes.”