Buenos Días Avril, ¡estás en Tokio !, a book for singing and sharing

Buenos Días Avril, estás en Delhi!, by Dan Sam, appearing in 2017 with the introduction of specialized juvenile lectures and specialized etiquettes. Here is the second volume of the saga: Buenos Días Avril, á estás en Tokio! (HarperCollinsMexico, 2022), where the adolescents are 16 years old and share with the lectures of their experiments in the tier of Sol Naciente.

Novella Juvenile Protagonizadia de Una Juvensita to Cue Peregrina Pur Los Rotas de las Savinos, Los Enhelos, Los Reformations, Los Dodas, Los Primros Besos, El Crescento, La Boscida de la Schnitidad de las Surpresas de la Ingidas La les y dulces de cereza. Narrada is the first person, the naturalness and franchise of the relationship deja huellas imborciable in the lectures. Dan Sam has created one of the most intrañables of literate juvenile mexicana.

“When it comes to countering the story of April, in 2017, we have to create a person who will often see the evolution of the transition from the young to the young, to take on the age of adulthood. 15, 16 and 17 others who corresponded to one of the three volumes of the saga ”, precisely in an interview with La Razón, Dan Sam, authored a variety of libraries.

¿The protagonist has evolved in physics and psychology? In the first volume there are 15 points; en la presente entrega cumple 16. La saga concluye en su cumpleaños no 17, en Estabul. Ella va creciendo en todos los aspects, es quizás más reflexiva ahora, pero sigue sindo fervorosa y animada. Ella asks: “Why do we have to work?”

Conquer the world is the end of the world and the innumerable curiosity innumerable. Podría decir que es la novella que me hubiera gustado leer en mi juventud

Dan Sam, Secretary

¿Escritura del tercer volumen? This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications. Decided to finish the 17th of August, this is the most frequent, before the completion of the 18th, many students studying at universities and their cabinets are distant rumbos. Or Avril will be another in this transition to the city of Edad.

¿Exploration by the adolescent guests? Dissatisfied with the very imaginativeness of this universally adaptable tribute to the new initiatives that made me like the lecturers of José Agustín, Eusebio Ruvalcaba and José Emilio Pacheco. Observe the admiration of the adolescents, listen to their manera de hablar, the stall of the risa. Surprise space.

What is the use of the first narrative? He always felt more interested in reading; give me a chance to find out more than 16 years ago: great reto that I have created the confession to explore other forms of expression. When writing, habit and sue in the adolescent of Avril. Emotionally, experimenting with adored children with the dramatization that characterizes it.

¿Applied personal experiences? Part of my proprietorship; But, even while attending to the voices of my sobriety and her friends, who still have the memory of Avril and keep up with her with a confession of confidence: I share her adventures, adventures, novices, fiestas in school. Before entering the manuscript of a non-editorial, they are the first lectures, they allow me to admire and assure that the text sea is attractive for the young.

Find out more about the people: ¿India, Japan, Istanbul? The spirit of the saga is present in two prophecies: the first, the vision of the world that is greater than what we have contradicted. These people distinguish between us with different forms of interpretation in the world. The tolerance and real acceptance of these differences is a maneuver to create special scandals about the barbarism of the guerrillas, the discrimination, the violations and the Bullying Dismiss Y, at the second terminal, the locations of its hubitats, the saca fuera de su zona de confort, la solidaridad de la amistad les permitirá salir adelante.

What is the relationship between adults and adults? It happened in June, but there were notices that even the disgruntled adult contemporary identities with Mariana, the mother of Avril, or that he had been confronted with the memories of Benjamín’s son, were in contact. Since he is an intimate man, he has been free to discover a nostalgic regression of these things.

What does it mean to use this secret? Pretending to be the newest generators to be more tolerant and inclusive, to realize that the world is the greatest of those who have contradicted it and that they have passed through. Conquer the world is the end of the world and the innumerable curiosity innumerable. Podría decir que es la novella que me hubiera gustado leer en mi juventud.

A couple of calorie calories

Much more stories than increments that often live without searching. Sensitively you meet. He passed me by my secrets of secrecy. And everything comes together with a few cereal calories.

Soy aurel santana. This is a complete 16. He is the best of two chickens. The first one is my bff; es decir, my Best Friend Forever. My second time I gave him the love of my life, without wanting to see what it was like to be 16. And the individual in the story is a little boy who lived in another world. We know and believe that we can be novices and distances, as if we were great friends. Por lo tanto, el marcador de mi vida setimental queda: Avril en el Amor 0 y en los Amigos 2.

In my house, everybody has gone to the normality of the terrible verano that we live the day (tampoco voy a exagerar tanto porque fue cuando viajé a India y conocí a mi príncipe hindú). Miss papás, for now, look at their differences and are more enamored than we are.

Mariana, my mother, always struggles with something that is too extravagant, but she never knows how to get away from her manera who will miss the rest of her adult life in therapy. Papa is the director of the most important architectural firm of the city and, as well as his father with great responsiveness, since the lamentable events of the past that casually provoke a completely familiar irreparable and lucid de la micuela of the repertoire. I-NA-MO-VI-BLE for nosotras. (2)

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Buenos Días Avril, á estás en Tokio!

  • Author: Dan Sam
  • Genero: Nineteen minors
  • Editor: HarperCollins Mexico, 2022
Buenos Días Avril, á estás en Tokio! (Offer)

  • Dónde: Librería El Sótano Querétaro (Av. Corregidora Nte. 350, Álamos 3a Secc, 76160, Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.), 25 June and 18 hours. Entrada libre