Build a 4-Heater Pitch for the Sisters of Lalery, Regula, ML Bears, Canada

Yokohama, Japan (AP) – Canada put on a great performance as the league’s sisters in the Olympic softball tournament in Italy.

Daniel Laurie, the 34-year-old sister of former senior legislator Brett Laurie, was allowed to score unsatisfactory runs and three runs in three innings in Canada’s 8-1, six-innings victory over Italy on Monday.

Regula (1-0), the 39-year-old sister of retired All-Star outfielder Jason Bay, scored five runs in three hitless innings.

Larry told his parents, Russia and Cheryl Lowry,

“I think my father and mother, mostly my father, who entered at a young age, are a competition,” Larry said. “And Brett and I would fight all the time, whether he was cooking or playing baseball.

“For a small child, we got a lot of training. And now that I’m a mother, I don’t know if I’m going to put my children through it or not. But it’s also about the woman I’m in today. Is it constantly grinding? I mean, we used to go on a camping trip and we had to get up at 8 in the morning and train, so these are just the little things that got into us.

Jason Bay, 42, was a three-time All-Star who played 222 homers for the San Diego (2003), Pittsburgh (2003-08), Boston (2008-09), New York Mets (2010) and 754 RBIs. With batting. -12) and Seattle (2013).

Brett Larry, 31, was the second baseman and third baseman to hit .261 with 71 homers and 253 RBIs for the Toronto Blue Jays (2011-14), Auckland Athletics (2015) and the Chicago White Sox (2016). ۔

“Brett is as loyal as ever,” Daniel said. “He’s been watching every game this week from the edge of his seat, so I’m glad to know that even though he’s out of the game now, he’s going through the family and I’m not in that position,” he said. If it is not for my family at all.

Canada will play for the bronze medal on Tuesday.


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