Cadiz 0-0 Barcelona: Barcelona player rankings re-held as useless bloggers.

Barcelona. The Cadiz stalled without a disappointing goal in 2021-22. لا لیگا۔ Game on Thursday. After a 1-1 draw with Grenada in their last game, Blograna dropped points in consecutive games for the first time this season.

The first half was a passionate affair, with neither side meaningful in the attack, but the match came to a head after the break. At break, both teams looked dangerous, although some poor finishing put the match in a tight position.

Ronald Koeman.Towards, in particular, were absolutely nonsense, like Memphis Dept. Missed some great chances for his team to win the match. The yellow submarine also came close in the last moments of the game, but failed to defeat Shandar. Mark Andre Ter Stegen..

Overall, this was a fair result, but Blagren will not be too happy, as his indifference continues. On this note, the player rankings are as follows. Barcelona.:

Mark – Andre Ter Stegen – 7.5 / 10.

The first half was relaxed, but the Germans were called in a few times after the break. Ter Stegen faced the challenge with key saves, including one in the 80th minute when Cadiz was denied a counter.

Oscar Mangioza – 7/10.

It was a better performance right behind the Spaniard, although he sometimes looked shaky.

Gerard Pack – 8/10.

The veteran Barcelona star was a rock in defense, reading the game well. Pack gave five clearances, and helped to attack from behind with his own passage. He was also dominant in the air.

Ronald Arajo – 8/10.

Uruguay’s first half was calm. But he exploded in the second life, especially towards the end, with his excellent positioning and important interventions, punching a few counters in the buds. Araju gave five approvals, and won all six of his aerial duel.

Sergino Dest – 7/10.

He put Alvaro Jimenez in the check with a brilliant mark. Dest registered a pass completion rate of 92%, but from an offensive point of view, the end product was lacking.

Frankie de Jong – 6/10.

He was good at the ball, and had a great vision, but was careless with his tackles. De Jong was dismissed in the second half after receiving two consecutive yellow cards.

Sergio Biscuits – 6.5 / 10.

The Barcelona captain was polite when Cیزdiz posed no threat, but struggled under pressure when the home side advanced. He went to the books late trying to use the second ball, which made its way onto the pitch.

Guy – 8.5 / 10.

He was passionate, brave and hardworking at night, saying he was Barcelona’s best player that night. He was a key player in the Barcelona-made passes, and worked hard to regain control for his team.

Yousef Demir – 4/10.

The 18-year-old player was completely non-factor in the opening song, and was dropped at break.

Lok De Jong – 5/10.

Barcelona have yet to see anything special with their new striker, who once again cut a sad figure in the attack. De Jong was later sacrificed when his name was sent.

Memphis Dept. – 6/10.

Depp tried to make things happen, but the mood with which he started his Barcelona career was gone overnight. In addition, he was lost in the attack, dragging a shot wide in the second half’s stoppage time.

Barcelona Alternative Rating

Sergei Roberto – 5/10.

It replaced the ineffective Demir, but it did not turn out to be a show.

Nicolas Gonzalez – 5.5 / 10.

With the exception of a few Gods, the young man did not produce much.

Reiki Peugeot – 6/10.

He made an almost devastating entry into the game, removing the ball which resulted in a counter-attack that caused Cadiz to stumble.

Philippe Coutinho – 4/10

With each passing game, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Brazilian has no future at the club.


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