California extends access to health insurance for undocumented immigrants

California will extend ڈالر 600 incentive payments, starting in February, to taxpayers who make ڈالر 75,000 a year, whether they are U.S. citizens or not. An additional 500 will also be available for families with mixed status. The state is already developing another plan: a permanent food aid program for low-income undeclared citizens. By 2023, CalFresh will be open to everyone.

The state will also provide grants to immigrant businessmen and cash assistance to the elderly or disabled immigrants exempt from federal assistance.

As California continues to lead the nation in involving immigrants, Capitol & Man spoke to Cynthia Boiza, an immigrant rights lawyer, to understand how we got here and what will happen next. Boiza directed California Immigrant Policy Center, A progressive statewide coalition of organizations that develops and promotes policies to help immigrants integrate and access health care and public benefits.

Note: The length and clarity of this interview have been modified.

Important and important: Why does California involve undocumented immigrants in expanding social services?

Cynthia Boiza: Historically, many immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, have been excluded from most social safety net programs. even Anti-immigrant proposal 187 Defeated in 1997, we still had a long way to go to ensure that immigrants were not barred from programs that could help them prosper and prosper in our state.

Overall, the strategy is to build a safety net that also benefits the people in our state who are contributing to our economy.

Really, this is an equity issue. Home to California 2.3 million undocumented immigrants. They make up 6% of our state’s population and one in 10 of our workers. So they contribute significantly to the workforce and create it 63 billion in government revenue.

“California has 2.3 million uncertified immigrants. They make a significant contribution to the workforce and generate approximately billion 1 billion in government revenue.

For years, millions of immigrants in California have not had access to federal aid or state benefits.

We need to break away from the racist policies of the past. And that means understanding that it’s not just about immigrants. It’s all about us. When we can all access these opportunities and benefits. Not just immigrants, not just black immigrants, but all of us – that’s a really big idea. And it’s going to work because right now the system is set against a very small man. The people at the bottom of our society and our economy are still very much stuck there.

Cm: How will the latest safety net spread in California affect the state’s epidemic recovery?

BUIZA: A comprehensive health insurance gives a better sense of public health, ethics and economics, especially when we have it The virus is still killing our communities.

We appreciate what the state thinks about this, that you get the kind of economic and health assistance that this large number of workers, working on the front lines, need. Can’t exclude

This is an important lifeline, especially for members of the community who often do not save. Many people are always paid from personal bankruptcy, such relief is very important for them.

The new expansion will improve health and economic outcomes for the population Historically there was no access to health care. Many of them have not seen a doctor in years. So there are real human consequences.

We learned a lot from President Donald Trump’s epidemic and four years. We have learned that without building a strong, strong, sustainable infrastructure to protect migrants, they become so vulnerable.

The pain and suffering that immigrant communities have suffered under the Trump administration and epidemics – we don’t want that to happen again.

Cm: What can the federal government do to support states extending immigrant rights?

BUIZA: Indeed, the great hope, one way or another, is that Democrats will be able to find a way to deliver on the Biden administration’s promises and implement immigration reform.

While we look forward to it, it doesn’t bother the federal government to support the expansion opportunities that California is offering to so many uncertified immigrants.

“There’s a big argument for reducing the state’s uninsured population … with coverage, people don’t have to rush to emergency rooms for health care, which is more expensive than preventative medicine.” “

Other states are following suit. Illinois, Washington, And Oregon They have begun expanding the health care of uncertified immigrants in their states.

We hope there is some real completion speed. Movements at the federal level, and states are not shying away from taking steps to care for their immigrants.

Cm: How does increasing access to health care for immigrants affect the state’s economy?

BUIZA: We have been telling our MPs and our partners in the governor’s office that it is actually better to invest in everyone’s health financially.

Since then, there has been a strong argument for reducing the state’s uninsured population Uncertified immigrants are less likely to have insurance. With coverage, people don’t have to rush to emergency rooms to get health care, which is more expensive than preventative medicine.

In California, where healthcare can be very expensive, it is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. People really lose their homes because they can’t afford their healthcare.

For many members of the immigrant community, extended social services are a lifelong pursuit, especially when Inflation is rising And many people have Jobless. When people are healthy, they can continue to work.

Because of their more comprehensive, humane and comprehensive policies, we have come a long way in overall health outcomes in California. This approach also appeals to a large segment of the California population. There is Massive support For humanitarian immigration policies in our state.

Cm: Why has California become a national troublemaker in increasing government-funded health coverage for almost all residents, regardless of immigration status?

BUIZA: For five years, we have run a campaign Health 4. We are trying to cover as much of the population as possible Medical, California’s Medicaid Healthcare Program. Year after year, we’ve talked more.

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, increasing access to health care for millions of Americans. But undocumented immigrants were excluded. This is the biggest gap in our healthcare system.

The California state legislature first introduced the Health4 All Legislation in 2014. We were trying to negotiate a larger package. What was possible then, under the then government. Jerry Brown and the struggling state economy, had to provide Medicale coverage Eligible children up to 18 years of age Regardless of immigration status.

More than 250,000 children and counting have benefited.

“We’ve included medical coverage for California citizens aged 50 and over, regardless of immigration status. We estimate that 235,000 seniors will benefit.

But you really can’t stop there. Continuity of care is required. So we got a lot of support in the California legislature Expand Medi-Nail in Young Adults Between the ages of 19 and 25. We approved it in 2019 under Government Gavin Newsom – the first state to extend government-sponsored coverage to adults with unofficial documents.

The state of California, San Maria Elena Dorazo, and Assembly member Joaquin Ermbolola, speaking to the governor’s office in 2020, added unannounced seniors. But when the CoVID-19 epidemic broke out, that commitment was broken.

That’s what we have Where are we now. We have included medical coverage for California citizens 50 years of age or older, regardless of immigration status. It will take effect on May 1, 2022. We estimate that 235,000 seniors will benefit.

Cm: What comes next?

BUIZA: We didn’t. There’s still a conversation going on in Sacramento. We have suggestions, including Assembly Bill 4Extending Medicale to uninsured immigrants aged 26 to 49.

We want to change the “routine” with which many immigrants have lived for many years, building a compassionate state that recognizes immigrant participation and respects their needs, whether you or Is like me

How can we create a more comprehensive California, separate from the many oppressive anti-immigrant policies of the past?

We can look at historical leaks, and using the racial equity lens, we can fix them once. So when we talk about shared prosperity, California for all, we talk about people who live here and contribute to their state.

The story first appeared in Capital & Man.

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