California man who made fun of vaccines dies in COVID-19

A California man who mocked the COVID-19 vaccine has died after being infected with the virus.

Stephen Harmon, 34, died Wednesday at Corona Regional Medical Center, an hour east of Los Angeles.

Before being admitted to the hospital, Hormone shared a series of jokes on social media about the vaccine.

He wrote on Twitter in June that “I have had 9999 problems but not a wax.”

In another tweet the same month, he mocked the Biden administration’s efforts to advance the vaccine.

“Vaccine surveyors up to Biden’s door should really be called Jacquard witnesses,” he wrote.

News station’s CBS-TV treated the hormone in hospital with pneumonia and critically low oxygen levels. Reported.

Three days before his death, Hormone shared that he was being placed on a ventilator and asked his followers to pray for him.

“If you don’t believe God can heal me on your stupid ventilator then keep hell away from my ICU room, there’s no room here for fear or lack of faith!” He wrote on Twitter.

Brian Houston, founder of Hulsong Church, paid tribute to Hormone, a former member of the Los Angeles Congregation.

“I know he was a very generous man and he had a lot in front of him,” he said. He was always involved in our grandchildren’s football games and will be remembered by many Wrote on Instagram.

Dr. Orn Friedman, who treats Cowid’s 10 patients at Cedars Sine Medical Center in Los Angeles, described the hormone death as “surprisingly disappointing.”

“Virtually every person who is getting sick enough to be hospitalized has not been vaccinated,” Friedman told KCBS-TV.

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