Calvin Harris concert: Teen criticizes festival organizers on TikTok after she had to be carried out of the crowd

A young woman who attended a sold-out Calvin Harris concert at the Belsonic criticized the organizers and venue security, saying the crowd had become too large.

Iana Mia said that at some point she felt that “her whole body, arms and chest were crushed.”

Tiana (18) from Belfast said she got tickets for herself and her friends to the A-list DJ performance at Ormo Park on Sunday, but later took to TikTok to share a now viral video of her horrific ordeal.

“We arrived early and it wasn’t that crowded. There were few people, but nothing huge, ”Tiana said yesterday. “But it became one of the busiest concerts I’ve ever seen.”

Tiana said the trouble started when Harris took the stage during his sold-out performance. “Everyone was so tight-knit, literally to the point where everyone was jumping up and down, you were being pulled up with them. You couldn’t put your hands up, she said.

“I couldn’t move my head, my neck was pointing towards the sky because I couldn’t turn it down because everyone was pressed against each other. So many people have told me the same thing, which is that you felt like you were out of breath.”


Tiana (front) in concert

Tiana said that despite having tickets on the VIP guest list, it took her half an hour to get through the overcrowded crowd, and her problems only continued when she arrived at the elite section. “It was just as bad, there were so many people rushing forward, and because we were all so packed, you were just pushed along with everyone,” she added.

“I am not claustrophobic, but when it comes to feeling like you have no air, anyone can feel the same. I actually had a panic attack and when the guards saw me it was so crowded that they actually had to push everyone out of the way to get to me and carry me out. They helped, took me out and gave me a drink, but it was so scary.

“I’ve heard so many stories like this in response to my TikTok video that people have been swooning and just given water.”

Tiana criticized the treatment of the crowd, stating that the security personnel acted slowly and simply pulled people they could see were in distress from the area.

She added, “I know concerts are crowded, there will always be a lot of people at these types of concerts, but this one was completely different. Calvin Harris himself was unreal, but the crowd was relentless.”

Tiana believes that if something serious happened in the crowd, it would be difficult to deal with it.

“I was so scared, you thought you were going to be crushed or if you fell, you would be stepped on. I’m not saying it was as bad as Astroworld, but it made me think that if anything could happen, nothing could be done,” she said, referring to American rapper Travis Scott’s concert last year at Houston. , Texas, 10 people were killed in a stampede.

Since then, the tragedy has led to performers becoming more aware of the safety of their concert goers, with major pop stars such as Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo being filmed stopping their performances to check on fans who are in trouble. .

Tiana said her ordeal made her think twice about attending similar events in the future.

She added, “I don’t think I would have gone to another concert like this if I didn’t know it wasn’t guaranteed to be like this. Just like a girl, when you are pushed and confronted by all these boys and men, and they are all in front of your face. I just wouldn’t go for something like that again.”

Belsonic was contacted for comment.