The problem of interrelationships in the world that this world does not have a solution in the promotion of the PIB, with which these obsessions go hand in hand. We are trying to reach the extremes of the meteorological phenomena, pandemics, guerrillas (the papa francisco considera que ya esta en curso la tercera guerra Mundial), una caída de la mundiía entra 2020 and fuedescóna 2020, 2020 and the May 2021, the world economy de requeza and un gran descontento de la sociedades cargado de ansiedad, desasosiego, frustración y enjojo que divide y confronta en bandos polares a la gente ya los gobiernos en muchos países.

The observation de las gobiernos ES recuperar SUB, indicating that only the value of the mercado of the mercantiles and that there would be some considerations about the distribution of the quality, the decent quality of human beings.

The PIB as an expression or fraction in the camino of progress, is the neoliberal roster that consolidates the social dimension of privilege to the privilege of the mercurial. The economy of the applicable regulators of mercado, which applies indiscriminately to corporations, empires of all tamaño and activism, or any person.

This is the need of the day, but who knows what? Experts and goblins are aware that this is not necessarily a revision of the situation, but it divides the concerns about the proprietorship and the alphabet that must have left them behind.

The dominant criterion in Europe and in general in the riches of the country, is that there is hacker adjustments and corrections for which every siga is more or less the same, so that the false supremacy of what is missing is the operation of the system, the systematic descend 40 años.

Otro enfoque es el ha ha trabajado el Grupo de Gerto (Estados Unidos, Alemania, Francia, Italia, Japaná) sobre Resiliencia Econemica, que suscribió el «Consensus de Cornwalliment ex reexcióte. Privatized to create a sustainable economy, equitable and resilient “.

There is a lot of difficulty to avoid the benefits of the powerful system – to update the relationship between privacy, but to be more prevalent in the field of communicative detection. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Not to mention the social instability in tantalizing, manifold desi hace varies in calculus and more recently in the polarization of the anti-radicalism of societies that seek apocalypse populace, as they are. in Germany, France or Italy, and in Latin America.

When it comes to socializing the merchants who offer cervices in aspects that sustain social action, such as the ability to work, the coworkers impress us with their relationships with each other. security and social security, the principles of convincing to reduce the ability to compete against other conforming to the mercantile regulators, favors more fuerte. Surgery the abuses and the excesses and then the norms of those who are obliged individually in their treatment with the demons.

From the crisis that we are the world and not only is it economic, we know that our existence exists for the sake of chertzas, security and confidence in the modus opera that we relate to the fact that there is no crisis in our country. The United Nations is a new social pact that stabilizes the interdependent collective that can prevail over the private and inclusive interface, individual.