Campaign to detect breast cancer begins in Monclova

It was at the facilities of Meced house east of Monclova, where the medical unit was installed as the Monclova City Council and the Mucho Gas companies, Total Gas, Ideal Gas of Coahuila, Real Gas, Gasification plant in Monclova, Termo Gas, Gas Castaños, Surtí Gas, support to have the necessary equipment and carry out these investigations, have a better diagnosis and service for patients who need this service.

Penelope Cisneros Garcia responsible for DIF Monclova reported that the goal is for the largest number of women to benefit from this support, which is free, so that they can quickly access and without any obstacle preventing them from knowing their state of health when it comes to cancer detection.

The measures before taking the test are, attend before good personal hygiene, Do not use perfume or any type of deodorant, antiperspirant, cream or any similar oil, measures that you should use to better take these tests.

Interested women are accepted Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00. at the Casa Meced facilities and for more information you can contact the phone 866 632 39 15, where they can clarify any doubts that exist.

The project is supported by businessmen Andrés Oyervides, Enrique Osuna Westrup, Cesar Rueda, Rodolfo González and Bernardo Molina President Club Rotario Monclova.


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