Can you feed yourself for a week from B&Ms?

As the cost of living continues to rise, many people are looking for ways to make their purchases cheaper. From shopping to bulk shopping, it is possible to save some money.

One store that is known to sell some great bargains and products at discounted prices is B&M Bargains. A new superstore B&M Bargains has opened in Lakewith and we decided to test if you could shop your weekly foodie at B&Ms.

The short answer is no, you can’t do your weekly food shop in a B&M. The only reason for this is that they sell very limited fresh food and don’t do freezer meals. You can keep up to date with the latest What’s On news by signing up for the newsletter here.

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It struggled to be able to make a complete meal, because the only meat I could buy was bacon and there were no vegetarian or vegan options, and you wouldn’t be able to have any classic freezer meals like pizza and chips. However, that’s not to say that there wasn’t a deal to be had!

From discounted breads for just 10 paise to Nando ki chutney for 69 paise, there are still plenty of essentials you can pick up at B&M to make up the bulk of your weekly shop. You can also substitute some fresh ingredients, such as carrots and potatoes, for the same meal in the tin.

discounted bread was great value for money
(image: John Myers)

First, the bread. I was able to grab two great branded bread deals for just 10p! They were getting old on the day of purchase but as someone who freezes my bread, I wasn’t bothered by it. There was also a range of fresh breads you could choose from, although prices for most breads started at £1, so can certainly be picked up cheap in supermarkets.

The choice in terms of fresh food was very limited with just a small fridge section. I picked up cocktail sausage, cheese, and bacon from the fridge section, which isn’t enough to make a meal every night of the week. Other items available in the fridge section include ham and cooked chicken.

Not Many Fresh Items Available
Not many fresh items available
(image: John Myers)

B&M is known for its cleaning and home goods and this shop did not disappoint me. I bought The Pink Stuff Cleaning Spray for just 95p, a bin bag for £1 and a jumbo kitchen roll for £1.29. There were plenty of options with cleaning products, as expected at B&Ms, and you could easily pick up anything you needed.

As Expected B&Amp;M Wins With A Range Of Cleaning Products
As expected B&M wins with a range of cleaning products
(image: John Myers)

There were plenty of tinned items to enjoy with some more appealing than others. I picked up the cooked beans, diced tomatoes, tuna and chickpeas I usually find at my weekly shop. I also picked up chicken meatballs, canned peas, canned carrots and canned potatoes, which I wouldn’t normally buy, but there were alternatives from B&Ms that didn’t have fresh food.

Some Packaged Goods Were More Appealing Than Others
Some packaged goods were more appealing than others
(image: John Myers)

A bargain Nandos Medium Peri-Peri Sauce was only 69p! These sauces can normally cost over £1.50, so this is an impressive savings.

What A Bargain!
what a bargain!
(image: John Myers)

Overall shopping at B&Ms can be a bit more expensive because there are so few own-brand items. Buying naturally branded items, such as Heinz and Coke Cola, will be more expensive than taking the own-brand supermarket version.

While I really enjoyed shopping at B&Ms, the aisles were large and spacious and there were many other sections to enjoy including an extensive homewares and garden range, I wouldn’t go back to shop my weekly foodie. This is simply because you cannot buy fresh or frozen food.

I’m going back to B&M, but to grab some bargains like Nando’s Sauce and minced bread. This is also somewhere I would go on when I need branded cleaning products for those tough stains. B&M’s is always a store I’ll happily pop into, I never say no to a B&M trip, because you don’t know what deals you can get.

You Can Pick Up Many Items From Your Weekly Shop
You can pick up many items from your weekly shop
(image: John Myers)

My complete shopping list:

Krav Grains, 410g £2.50

Coke Cola 1.25l £1.25

Kia Ora Orange 1.5l £1.00

B&M Flexi Loop Bag 0.40p

Surf Caps (laundry tablets) £2.99

Shower Gel 400ml £1.00

Jumbo Kitchen Roll £1.29

Gujarat Chocolate Brownie Dessert 50p

Hair fall £1.00

Canned Carrots 0.59p

Frazzles Six Pack Crisp £1.00

Warburton Sandwich Thin 0.10p

Nivea Deodorant £1.00

Warburton Toasty Bread 400g 0.95p

Cocktail Sausage £1.10

Danish Unsmoked Bacon £1.15

batch 300g 0.59p

Curry Sauce £1.25

Pink Stuff Spray 0.95p

Nandos Peri-Peri Medium Sauce 125ml 0.69p

Oxo Chicken Stock £1.69

Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce 0.85p

Sliced ​​Tomatoes 400g 0.50p

pasta 500g 0.75p

Braces Multiseed Bread 800g 0.10p

Heinz Beans & Sausage 415g £1.10

Egg Fried Rice 250g 0.69p

John West Tuna, three tins 145g each, £2.49

Nescafe Coffee £2.00

Dolmio Bolognese Sauce £1.00

Heinz Ketchup 570g £2.00

18 refuse sacks 70l £1.00

Lion Bar Four-Pack £1.00

Red Leicester Cheese 250g £1.90

Fiber Bar £1.00

Chicken Curry Noodles £1.00

Canned Potatoes 400g 0.65p

Oreos 154g 0.59p

Chickpeas 400g 0.45p

Total £42.06

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