Cardiff mum shares Aldi shopping list for amazing £25 grazing board

If you’re planning on hosting your friends and family and want to wow your guests without breaking the bank, you might want to take a few notes from Cardiff mum, Ashley. The social media blogger shares how she built an impressive grazing board with Aldi products in just 10 minutes.

Ashley, who is referred to as cardiff mum On Instagram and boasts of 109k followers, were people coming over and didn’t have time to do anything fancy but say “Aldi saved the day”. Posting on the forum, Ashley revealed how she used supermarket products to create a delectable grazing table with everything from hot breads to cheeses, dips and fruits.

Sharing the creation of the lavish dinner with a video, Ashley wrote: “Look how I built a grazing table for 10 people in 10 minutes at Aldi for £25.”

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She then captioned the clip: “If people were coming last minute and didn’t have time to imagine anything but Aldi saved the day again. I did this grazing table for £25, this one The treat went down. It was perfect for 8 adults and 2 kids to nibble on, save for any party or get-together you’re having.”

In the video, Ashley can be seen using Camberbert as her centerpiece before surrounding the cheese with crackers on a wooden board, then she dips bowls and dips in jars before laying out pieces of bread and Scotch eggs. Adds salsa and hummus to breadsticks.

Next Ashley lays a stack of tortilla chips, cocktail sausage and sausage rolls on a layer of foil that has been laid face down on the table, before adding grapes, tomatoes, olives and more cheese to the board. She ends by using chorizo ​​and Aldi’s antipasti selection with slices of melon on the outside and adds healthy snacks like strawberries, cucumbers, peppers and carrots at the end.

Commenting on the grazing board, a fan wrote: “Oh this is amazing!! Just what I needed to make for my friend’s hen party!” While another said: “Now that’s one heck of a grazing table.”

Thankfully, Ashley shared her shopping list so foodies can recreate the grazing board at home. Here’s everything you’ll need.

Ashley’s Amazing Grazing Board Using Aldi Products
(Image: cardiff.mum/Instagram)

Aldi Shopping List

Village Bakery 4 Bake At Home White Rolls, 300g – 62p

Specially Selected Baking Camembert, 250g – £2.09

Ashfield Farms 40 Pork Cocktail Sausage, 400g – £1.69

Her Essentials 8 Sausage Rolls, 480g – 85p

Daily Homos, 200g – 69p

Emporium Mini Roulette with Black Pepper and Paprika, 100g – £1.09

Emporium Specialty Cheese Wensleydale with Cranberries, 200g – £1.49

Tours de Paris Brie Cheese, 200g – £1.05

Daily Italian Antipasto Selection, 40g – £1.89

Deli Chorizo ​​Slices, 120g – 77p

Crestwood Scotch Eggs, 226g – 85p

Deli Gherkins with Chili, 680g – 85p

Roasted Salted Peanuts Daily, 200g – 46p

Daily Necessities Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips, 20g – 48p

SnackRite Hot Salsa Dip, 300g – 69p

Flavor Bakers Puff Pastry Twist Onion & Chive, 125g – 69p

Flavor Bake Breadsticks, 125g – 55p

Daily Pitted Green Olives, 340g – 55p

Nature’s Choice Loose Cayenne Pepper – 43p

Nature’s Choice Oranges 5 Pack – 79p

Daily Essentials Family Pack Chili, 600g – £1.16

Nature’s Pick Honeydew Melon – £1.39

Nature’s Choice Cucumber – 52p

Carrots needed per day, 1.5kg – 44p

Daily Essentials Strawberries, 227 g – £1.39

Daily Essentials Red Grapes, 500g – £1.24

Tomato Cherries Daily Essentials, 250g – 48p

Total = £25.19 , For more what’s on WellsOnline and shopping stories, you can get our newsletter here.

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