Carl Frampton: Daniel Dubois did a good job against Trevor Bryan, but I’ve never seen such a strange event

Daniel Dubois had a job on Saturday night against Trevor Bryan, but commenting from the BT studio, I have to say that this event was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

The fight was in Miami and you automatically think of the glitz and glamour, but it seems like it was the other side.

I was talking to Steve Bunce who was there and he said there was a dead rat outside the locker room, people were mopping up the flood water, and there were boards that you could walk over to get to the ring since the place was flooded.

Steve estimated that there were about 400 people there, but it didn’t look like that on TV, so everything around seemed crazy.

Don King was sitting in a chair in the ring waving flags, and the referee was talking loudly about navels. It was weird and I said it while commenting on TV with Darren Fletcher.

Having said that, Dubois paid well for it as King paid a lot to win the fee and with everything going on in the ring before the fight with the anthems being a little chaotic it would have been tough for him to stay in the zone but he did it and did it well.

After about 30 seconds of the fight, it became clear how events would develop – the question is when, not if. The left hook he landed was great and I called it because I saw that Brian was able to avoid a one-two and could evade a right hand.

What disappointed me a little is that Dubois started calling himself world champion and not a few days after the fight.

It’s a ridiculous situation, and it all started when Bryan fought Bermain Stiverne for the vacant title without having a notable win before.

Bryan won and retained that regular title despite being inactive so it’s just a bit of a mess and now Dubois has that title and calls himself world champion.

It’s really a semi-final or eliminator belt, not a world title, but he did what he had to do and hopefully big fights will follow.

Dillian Whyte was mentioned as an opponent and I think it’s a good, tough fight, but I think Dubois would have won it, same with a potential fight with Derek Chisora.

Some have mentioned Deontay Wilder but that I would avoid as Dubois can still be a bit tough and can be nailed down.

I’m still a little disappointed that he calls himself world champion. When I fought Luke Jackson for the interim title, after the victory I knew that I was not the world champion, and did not call myself one. Brian is on the same level as Jackson.

This is again connected with the sanctioning authorities. The WBA was once seen as a big organization, but it has become something of a laughingstock because of the number of titles on offer.

I mentioned earlier when Josh Taylor gave up his lightweight title and instead of fighting for him #1 vs #2 they brought in the top 6 to fight for their cause – it’s just weird.

I have a WBA title for beating Leo Santa Cruz that has me on one side and WBA president Gilberto Mendoza on the other – why is his name on it? It shows that there is a bit of selfishness in it and that has led to these crazy situations.

I’ve heard a few rumors that James Tennyson may have been ready to hang up his gloves, so the announcement that he did just that this past weekend didn’t come as much of a surprise.

James had a fantastic career fighting for world titles and did a lot of it after being stopped by a journeyman on one of my undercards.

To bounce back and get back in the same place to fight for big titles is an incredible achievement in itself, and you have to give him credit for that.

He remained loyal to his team throughout his career and his manager Mark Dunlop did a fantastic job of giving him opportunities.

He really tried his hand at professional boxing and I’m sure his house is full of belts, as he won a lot of them. As he said in his statement, he did much more than he expected when he started.

James is a real puncher and also showed his vulnerability, but that didn’t seem to stop him from being enthusiastic in his fights, so he was always fun to watch.

I would like to thank him because he helped me a little at the training camp in my career and has always been a good job. You always had to be on when you sparred with him, as you definitely felt his power.
He is a great guy and I want to wish him all the best for the future.