Carl Frampton: Danny Garcia’s honesty about his mental health issues will help others change their lives

Boxing is considered a macho sport, but people are behind the tough image, which is why Danny Garcia’s post-fight interview last Saturday was so important because his openness and honesty about his personal struggles can help others.

It wasn’t one of his best performances, but as he was out of the ring for a long time, the victory over José Benavidez Jr. was good and got him back on track.

However, it was the post-fight interview that garnered more attention as he opened up about the struggle he had with his mental health, encouraging others to open up and talk, as he did on Saturday, about his “deep depression and anxiety.”

It was so important that he did it because it seems a little more real when you can see his eyes filling up and obviously emotional.

I always think you get a lot more out of an athlete right after a fight, game or any other sport because they are more open and people tend to be as honest as possible.

Danny was visibly upset and crying, which went against the tough guy image that the fighters have.

I am an emotional person and have never hidden it, but many men try to do it, and it is simply not healthy or good for the brain.

Danny’s dad, Angel, has a tough personality and Danny has a bit of that too, so it was very open and honest that he was able to say all of that.

He’s not the first fighter to open up, as Ryan Garcia admitted the same thing last year. I think it’s probably a matter of changing society and that people are not afraid to open up, whereas in the past they might not have been.

If Danny Garcia had done what he did 20 years ago, he might have been laughed at, but that’s not happening now. More and more people are talking about their struggles, and from an athlete’s point of view, if you have this platform, it’s important to use it. It was the perfect example of someone using their platform in a positive way.

I guess there are a variety of reasons why people have these issues, and I think the rise of social media is certainly playing a role.

I had problems with it because of the abuse and you often see it because of the abuse that people face every day. It’s just not a pleasant environment.

Again, I returned to the above point about having a platform and using it positively. While there may be some people who don’t have the biggest platform saying what they shouldn’t say, there are also people who know better and say what they shouldn’t, but because they have it, what follows causes a massive reaction. .

All things considered, I really admire Danny Garcia for being open, emotional and showing a vulnerable side of himself that not many people see in boxers.

This is necessary, because something positive, like that after the battle, will spread everywhere. It might be enough for someone who is struggling to cheer up a little, and that’s all you can ask for.

Billam-Smith vs. Chamberlain lived up to the hype

Chris Billam-Smith’s victory over Isaac Chamberlain last Saturday was a great example of well-chosen fights.

Watching this, I honestly didn’t think it would last more than three or four rounds because both used so much energy in the beginning to try and knock each other out.

It was a very close fight, but in my opinion, Billam-Smith just deserved to lose him.

Chamberlain showed his resilience fighting with a broken orbital bone when others may have given up, so hopefully not too much damage is done as he got injured early and he may get another opportunity after that. He showed incredible cordiality and pushed Billam-Smith very close.

Boxing needs more nights like this, so hopefully it got a big enough audience.

The overall card wasn’t fantastic, but the main event more than made up for it.

I’m glad Kelly continues to fight back.

Josh Kelly continues to recover and last weekend he got a solid victory over Lucas Bastida in Newcastle.

He was recovering from a loss to David Avanesyan last year and couldn’t put together a couple of victories, won the WBO ranking belt and may be able to move on.

I’m rating him so I hope he can get more features, and with the terrestrial TV fight there should have been a decent amount of tweaking and that could help push him.

I predict Parker and Joyce will deliver the cracker

There was a very interesting press conference in London on Thursday announcing a big heavyweight fight between Joseph Parker and Joe Joyce next month.

There is a lot of respect between them, but both guys are confident that they can win.

I give credit to both of them for this as Joe Joyce could wait to see what happens between AJ and Usyk as he is next in line to win if Fury doesn’t come back while Parker is a former world champion and someone like Joyce – a person that many would avoid – guaranteed to be a good fight.

We know how good and strong Joe Joyce is but Christian Hammer hit him with four of the hardest right hands you will ever see but Hammer is not Joseph Parker who is very confident and believes he will break him because Joyce is so light . hit.

He may be right, but Joe props up his chin, and as a result of the tests he performed to measure body resistance and bone density, an interesting statistic came up that showed that his bone density was five times that of the average person, because for which he could be excluded from the tournament. double storey window and can be approx. Is that why he doesn’t care about getting hit and the shots just bounce off him?

Not only is the combat match on the positive side, but we have Sky and BT Sport working together to make it happen as it seems to happen very rarely.

I can’t remember the last time Sky’s promoter, this time Boxxer’s Ben Shalom, showed up at a pre-fight press conference on BT. Hopefully this could be the start of the future as rival promoters and TV networks working with each other to put on the best fights is what the sport needs so badly.

There is a rematch clause for Joe Joyce that if he loses, the rematch will take place on Sky. Parker doesn’t have a rematch clause as he believes he’ll get the job done the first time.

I didn’t get a chance to ask a question or even ask that we have a night of Frank Warren’s fighters in the blue corner and Sky’s fighters in red – how good would that be?