Castle leading the Leeds in the Gilgir race

Alan Nixon has provided an update on Leeds’ chances of signing Connor Gallagher from Chelsea.

What’s the matter

Sunday reporter Alan Nixon advised Crystal Palace are ahead of Leeds in the race to land Chelsea midfielder Connor Gallagher this summer. In response to the question of whether he thought the Gilgirl cell would end up in Horst Park or Leeds or if he had posted “Palace”?

Then comes Daily mail Leeds, Palace and Newcastle are all reportedly interested in signing the Englishman, who spent the last season lending to West Brom.

Will Gallagher sign a good sign?





The fans will be making a fuss

If the castle manages to knock the club out of the racehouse in the coming weeks, Leeds fans will be in a frenzy. Supporters will be disappointed to see that one of their rivals beats them to sign, especially given that whites rallied 15 more points In the league last season

From a sporting point of view, Yorkshire is a better place for youngsters. Bliss’s side is well above the castle in the table and his style of play is praised. Including Premier League icon Thierry Henry, The way they attack teams and get overwhelmed.

Early in his career, he was praised by Keith Andrews, a pundit at Gilgal’s Sky Sports, who said he had a “brilliant engine” and that his mother was from Chelsea legend Frank Lampard.

They Said: “But one thing he’s got is a great engine, like LeBoir or Frank Lampard – it’s amazing, especially the similarities between the two in their two years. But for me, it’s the classic No.8. He has incredible energy, he turns the game ugly, but you have to get him out of the gallows and let him go.

This shows that he can be in the style of Blessa as his legs get caught up in oppressing opponents and facing challenges to get up and down. So, he could be a great addition to the squad on loan and add another great option for the Argentine coach in the middle of the park.

Palaces, however, are closer to home because they are also in London, which could be a factor in their hands. It may have been a combination of logistical and football factors in the game, but if in any way, Leeds fans will be disappointed, they will be potentially good for the team for any of their Premier League rivals. will miss the signature.

And in other news, Big update “explosive” emerges on 15m dynamo, Leeds fans will surely be gutted

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