CDMX Firefighters Collection Copies receive ’21 by 21 ‘

The head of the Mexico City government, Claudia Schenbaum, led the delivery of copies of the Economic Culture Fund’s (FCE) collection “21 para L21” to members of the Herculean Fire Department (HCB) at Avon Phoenix Station. Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office San Rafael neighborhood.

Reading is something that allows us to live in situations that we would not otherwise live in. It allows us to open our minds, it allows us to build our consciences and our freedoms and our rights. And, that’s what we want the city to be: the city of rights, the city of liberties, no one can take it away from us because it’s a city of struggle and it will continue to be so.

Meanwhile, Pico Ignacio Taibo II, general director of the Economic Culture Fund, reported that libraries would be set up in the capital’s 17 fire stations and its two modules, where books of the “21 for 21” collection would be kept. In addition, five sessions of training will be provided to create a Book Club Coordinator within the Herculean Fire Department.

It is not obligatory, it is pleasure and pleasure, whoever wants to read, whoever wants to play Tetris, Let him play TetrisFreedom is what governs our behavior. But try it, enjoy it, because we want firefighters, not only to be more effective in professional technical treatment of accidents and misfortunes. We also want more humane firefighters to treat the wounded, read, with the companionship gained from reading, with the joy of reading.

On the other hand, Shane Bam Pardo announced that the city’s firefighters will soon receive new equipment so that they can carry out their activities.

The last time I was with you I promised to pay the recovery. And, we’ve recovered a little bit, and the salary and I promise to continue to collect it in the years to come. In early December, 45 new teams arrived, which I promised you, 45 new vehicles to come. And I also know that they have a shortage of firefighting equipment and I am here with myself, Manuel, to have this equipment as soon as possible so that you can work in the best conditions. To be able to

Secretary of Culture Vanessa Bohrkez was also present at the event. HCB Director, Juan Manuel Perez Kova C5 Duty Coordinator, Third Firefighter, Elizabeth Marrokin; And Juan Vicente Oliveira, a former firefighter and chronicler at the Herculean Fire Department.


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