CDMX new record Guinness and boxy box transcendence in France, EU, Turkey …

لا “Class D Box Mess Grand del Mando”, que se realizó esta sábado en la ciudad de mexico, no s nolo noqueó el Récord Guinness del rubro, además trascendió a varias partes del mundo, como Estados Unidos Turquía, Kenya, Francia, entre otras.

On the plan of Zócalo, Carlos Tapia Rojas and Alfredo Arista Rueda, representing the Guinness World Records, came the games that deliberated The marquee of the class of the box is the largest in the world and its Azteca.

Enter the mediums that created the Mexican event Citizen TV Kenya, Channel News Asia, France 24, TRT Haber, Digital Journal y 15between the two.

Tapia Rojas gave the official official name Guinness World Records See a professional revision and with testimonials, and confirm that 14 mil 299 people participated in the box class, acontecimiento que tracecendió a distintas latitudes.

The World Council of Boxeo Consujo (CMB), Marilyn Gorizpe, Here is the presentation of the legends of the pugilismo that formed part of the event:

Humberto “Chekita” Gonzalez, Pepino Cavas, Carlos Canas Zarat, Jose Guadeloupe Pinter, Cesar Bazan, Isaac “El Tortas” Bostos, Rafael “El Bazoka” Lemon, Jose Luis Beyonc ،, Miguel “El Akrons, Zakarov”, , Andy Ruiz, Erick “El Terriible” Morales, Ana María “La Guerrera” Torres, David “Rey” Picasso, Mariana “La Barby” Juárez and more atletas of the ring.

La Jiffa de Guberno de la Ciudad de Mexico, Claudia Shenbaum, There is a remote remnant ante from the class ya that is in recuperation for a COVID-19 contagion.

We’re going to make history, we’re going to be nocturnal and a lot of felicidades a todos y todas

Claudia Sheinbaum, Jefa de Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

CDMX romps Record Guinness with class of box most big in the world

Mauricio Solomon, President of the CMB, he was moved by the event that he realized in Zacalo. Record a su padre, Juice Solomon, y agradeció a los participants. “A tirar trancazos”, invitó.

Come here with our campers, the only thing you can do is feel in my dad, José Sulaimán. The happiness that comes from seeing a Zócalo by the box. The box is the Mexican sport and we have a lot of campers in the escarpment, there are more than 60 campers

Mauricio Solomon, President Dale CMB

“La Barbie” Juris, “Re” Picasso and “La Guerrera” Torres Fueron lo encargados de impartir la clase des a templete fronte a la Catedral Metropolitana, acompñados de otras figuras del pugilismo nacional.

The rules for reading the Guinness Book of Records:

  • Permanent enable logarithm
  • Porter always gorra y playera con número de participante
  • See in every moment the indicators of the class
  • Take only 30 minutes to complete the class
  • No deteners in the class, always keep active
  • No cellular durante los 30 minutes de la class
  • Realize two pages of 20 seconds maximize for hydration

The marquee of the box of the largest in the world of Ostentaba Moscow, Russia, with three million participants in 2017.

The event was attended by the secretariat of the Gobierno of the Ciudad of Mexico, Marty Beatrice, la alcaldesa de Iztapalapa, Clara BrugadaThe title of the Instituto del Deporte de la Ciudad de Mexico, Javier Hedlgo, el diputado Miguel Torco Garza, The President of the World Boxing Council, Mauricio Solomon, el empresario Carlos Bremer, among others.