Celtic requested Sautar to sign

Celtic have been asked to sign former Dundee United defender Harry Souther.

What’s the matter

Celtic reporter Anthony Hegerti has called on the club to sign Stoke defender Harry Souther this summer. He has said that the center is back Dundee has been “thriving” since leaving United for England and is confident he will be the best fit for Angel Postiglo’s next season.

“It’s football,” he said.

“Harry Souther will be interested, especially since he has known him since his time with Dundee United.

“He has gone south and is flourishing. If I’m fixing my scouting, Harry Souther’s list. We need guards and you can block Europe, the Far East markets and the Australian markets, but you have to know what’s under your nose.

“I think Harry Souther could be fit for Celtic.”

Should Celtic sign Sautar?





Forget the reward

Christopher the Mercenary Joined Brentford have signed a five-year deal from the Premier League earlier this week and now it’s time for Celtic fans to forget about it and start thinking about the player who will defend himself next season. I can work If the player stays in the rest of the transfer window in the next few weeks, Hips can be a sweater if he manages to remove him from the championship side.

PostClou needs to make sure Celtic sees the 22-year-old as a target as he could be a surprising addition to the squad and help improve defense. Defender enjoys a great campaign with the Potters of 2020/21, which is on average The 38 starts at a WhoScored rating of 7.07.

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What makes his stats all the more impressive is that Stoke finished 14 In the championship, which means he shows a top draw despite his team performing poorly and nowhere near the promotion race. He was able to stand out from his teammates, and show his quality as a defender.

-5.2k- per week The powerhouse won an eye-opener 5.4 More air fights per game than last season 3.2 Reward won. The carpenter also made more clearances and blocks According to the game more than Norway, While the number of tackles and interventions was very similar. This suggests that he could be a good substitute for the defender and that is why Celtic will have to abide by the agreement to strengthen their squad before next season in order to compete with the Rangers for the title. Provide the best opportunity.

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