Cerrará en Dakota del Norte su única clinic para abortions

Washington — The only abortion clinic in North Dakota is preparing for what could be its last day of procedures, with a ban on activation that will go into effect on Thursday. obligarás a vigencia a vigenia a vigenia.

Except for the intervention of a judge, the Clínica de Mujeres de Red River will provide services to interrupt the pregnancy on Wednesday and then close.

Owner Tammi Kromenaker is building a new clinic in Moorhead, Minnesota, with nearly a million dollars raised through GoFundMe.

Kromenaker did not say when he would open the new clinic and did not respond to Tuesday’s messages. Planned Parenthood has said that it can provide abortions in its facilities in Moorhead to fill the gap if necessary, but it is not clear if that will happen.

Once the North Dakota prohibition goes into effect, the closest abortion clinics will be in Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota, a four-hour drive from Fargo, and in Billings, Montana, which is close to the Frontera Occidental de la Frontera. Dakota Del Norte.

Destini Spaeth, volunteer leader of an independent group that helps finance this practice in North Dakota, is investigating temporary solutions until the Moorhead clinic opens. Eso podría incluir ayudar a pagar los viajes a Minnesota y Montana.

“Tener que cruzar las fronteras estatales y que te traten y hablen de eso como un criminala en tu estado natal y te obliguen a viajar a otro lugar , suplicando atención, desesperada por recibir atención(…) tiene quetanácoumático. dijo

Kristi Wolff, Executive Director of the Red Women’s Network of North Dakota, assured that the women’s defense group still refers people to the Women’s Clinic of Red River or a doctor “if that’s what they need.”

Wolff pointed out that he has received numerous calls from women who show much uncertainty, desperation and anger for what they expect.

“Si no hay una clinica operando dentro de Dakota del Norte, las mujeres têran que viajar más lejos”, he assured.

“Para hacer eso, tienen que tener los resources para un transporte adequado, ya sabes, dinero para gasoline, cuidado de niños, tiempo libre en el trabajo, necesitan todas esas cosas. Tener que hacer eso only para ir a la médéica. It is impossible accepted”.

The clinic is asking the state court to block the activation law, which was approved a year ago to enter into force if the Supreme Court revoked the precedent Roe v. Wade that established the right to abortion.

La demand argumenta se que una prohibita seria contraria a la constitución estatal.

También argued that fiscal general Drew Wrigley prematurely initiated the regressive account of 30 days for the law to enter into force.

“No estoy conteniendo la respiración por una orden judicial”, dijo Spaeth.

“Creo que nos estamos preparando para que mañana seaa el ultimo día de clinica en Dakota del Norte por un tiempo”.

The first abortion clinic in Fargo opened in 1981, in a two-story house that was more than 70 years old.

It was the site of intense protests at the beginning of the 1990s, provoked by a national group that surrounded cars, trees, street signs and other objects. The clinic moved to its current location in downtown Fargo in 1998.

If the move to Moorhead will add a couple of kilometers to the United Nations for the patients of the Dakotas, it will also mean that the weekly group of protesters against abortion will not travel much more.

Algunos de ellos calificaron de bitterdulce el final de Fargo planned para el Wednesday y dijeron que resumen sus puestos cuando se inaugurate la nueva clinica.

McKenzie McCoy, Executive Director of North Dakota Right To Life, said that she is “enchanted that the clinic is closing”, but does not ignore the fact that another one is a few kilometers away.

“Así que continuaremos yendo a Minnesota para amar a estas mujeres y showarles que estamos aquí para ustedes, regardless of the decision, pero que realente hay otras solucionas”, aseveró.