Charles ‘wary’ of rising cost of living as well as rising cost of living


A royal source has said that the royal family is “extremely aware” of the precious life crisis affecting the nation, with the Prince of Wales paying close attention.

Royal accounts published on Thursday show that royalty taxpayer financing spending reached £ 102.4 million in 2021/22 – £ 14.9 million, or 17% more than in the previous fiscal year. ۔

The official royal trip cost £ 4.5 million, housekeeping and hospitality £ 1.3 million, utilities £ 3.2 million and payroll £ 23.7 million.

Buckingham Palace (Jonathan Brady / PA) / PA Archives

Property maintenance increased from £ 14.4 million to £ 63.9 million as Buckingham Palace’s 10-year renovation plan continued.

Campaign group Republic criticized the figures, with Graham Smith, chief executive, saying: “As always, while the rest of us are facing a crisis of precious lives and constant pressure on public services, the royal family Millions of pounds have been spent with taxpayers.

He added: “We need to keep the monarchy on a reasonable budget like any other public institution. We need to reduce this budget to less than m 10m, and only provide the funds that the head of state has to provide.” Required for

Sir Michael Stevens, keeper of the private wallet, outlined the challenges facing Buckingham Palace itself in the wake of epidemics and inflation.

“Looking ahead, sovereign grants are likely to be flat in the next two years. Inflationary pressures on operating costs and our ability to increase side incomes are likely to be limited in the short term. We have to deliver against our plans.” We will continue and manage. These effects come from our own efforts and abilities, “said Sir Michael.

Its additional revenue from the Royal Collection Trust was £ 9.9 million in 2021/22, 50% lower than the pre-epidemic level, which is not expected to grow again in two or three years. ۔

Utilities within the royal family include freezing salaries and freezing recruitment, with a closer look at energy use, before the expected increase in energy costs.

The palace has published its annual accounts amid the country’s spending crisis (Dominic Lipinski / PA) / PA Wire

A senior royal source said: “In terms of environmental credentials, it goes without saying that we are looking not only at consumption, but also at the cost of living – which is a big increase. Is and is happening now.

“So we’re very much looking at how we can be innovative in reducing consumption and consequently reducing costs as a by-product, as well as making sure that we Be able to stay within the funding envelope and do what we expect. “

Another royal source told Charles, the heir to the throne, that he was taking a keen interest in how inflation and the cost of living were affecting people, especially tenants at the Duchy of Cornwall. And their well-being.

Sources said Charles spent time with farmers “sitting around the farmhouse table” discussing the challenges while visiting the Dutch districts to find ways to help them.

“He wants to hear from them what his living experience is, so we can see what we can do to try to help them, help them along the way because the question is life’s crisis. To put it in a broader perspective, the family is very conscious about it – the Prince of Wales is really paying close attention to it, “the source added.

Sources said that the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall have shown their support for vulnerable communities through their engagements, including high street trips where the retail sector is struggling.

The Charles Prince Trust has worked for many years to help young people skilled in finding employment, the source added, making sure they are “well-equipped to get the best jobs” when They “will be the best insulation against these economic shocks. Come on.”