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Of Service tax administration. (SAT) has started. Purchasing oversight People who do it with themselves. credit card So don’t spend more than you owe. If it detects a discrepancy between your expenses and your income, the body can make it. Tax collection.

To avoid Problems with SAT, Taxpayers want. Avoid some bad ways When you use card. It’s not just about tracking important dates and covering payments.

There are cards. One of the many sources of information There is a service to get taxpayer expense data. The authority can also apply to banks. Information you deem necessary. So that people can be controlled.

With the purpose of Control your spending and avoid fines or penalties. To spend more than you earn, here are some tips to help you make the best use of your credit cards, experts say.

1. Avoid taking cash.

This can put the taxpayer in trouble, because if the SAT reviews it, it will assume that the relevant tax was not paid. That is, even if it is income for which tax was paid, the authority may otherwise assume. It is recommended. To pay the price Through Check Or Transfer, According to information obtained from the portal. اونک.

2. Do not lend the card for personal use only.

Another very common problem is that the taxpayer lends or uses his card to pay for something else. For example, If the taxpayer lends his credit card. So that a friend or relative can pay something without interest in a matter of months, the SAT can find out that Financial contradiction.

3. Avoid spending more than you earn.

If your expenses exceed your income, you may be in conflict with the SAT. Can be subject to natural people. Tax difference procedure. This will happen when the amount of taxpayers’ expenses in a year exceeds their declared income, according to the special portal. Taxpayer.


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