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Here’s a day, Mexican chef Edgar Núñez shows up with his problems with la Influential Colombiana Manuela Gutiérrez, who is the proprietor publicidad a su restaurante en Instagram a camera for a comida para ella y su pareja, “gorrones internacionales”, Commenting on the proprietorship of SUD 777 and Comedor Jacinta; Adams, ante la polémica, in a recent public publication that is obvious because no one accepts this type of canjes publicitarios.

One of the few publications that he generates respectfully on Facebook, to those who support him by not accepting this practice or manipulate it simply because he has a problem, the chef Edgar decides to express “with a lot of respect for hacker no.

At the end of the day, I decided to go to the restaurant alone, without having to worry about the results of your restaurant. 10 times more important than the impact Manuella, “and that is why I did not dedicate myself to the social life of the red”.

L. Chef Mexico Tyne 124 mil seguidores Follow Instagram, 204 ml on Twitter and 204 ml on Facebook Por su parte, Manuela Gutiérrez cuenta con 78 million NSS Red Social.

‘Aquí no es un ganar-ganar’: Chef Edgar Núñez gave an impressive answer

I don’t think it would be beneficial to send a message to my partner y presumiendo a mundo de fantasía que no puede pagar y no es que esté mal, lo que está mal es hacerle creer a la gente que los siguen que sí. ¿Qué invierten ellos? “, Describes Núñez,”General Contenido no es subir mi contenido, o sea, mis platillos. AQuinn va a salir beneficiado de esto?

The Colombian will recommend the offer and show its services in its reddish sociology traverses of history and a highlight of a comedy for her and her accomplices, treating them to the nigger.

Even if it is not specified which restaurant is looking for a comer, as a reference, SUD 777 is one of the most prestigious in the country, it encounters the position number 12 in the most recent ranking. Top 50 Latin American RestaurantsI think this is in position 64 of the contender Top 50 Restaurants in the World.

Accordo with the chef, l no tiene razones para buscar salir en las redes sociales de “A person who does not dedicate himself to gastronomy y que solo sube fotos en traje de baño ”.

Asimismo, comentó que Influential no se toman el tiempo de Investigar si son el target (mercado objetivo) of the service offered by the services.

“But sorry a mí sí me ofende que quieran abusar de mi trabajo And of the staff that we share every day of the day for every perfect and every little thing we want to approve, send, share and even the best one of our p * ta photo in an Instagram that we have much to look forward to que í y ubiquen mi molestia, aquí no es un ganar-ganar, solo una parte, que no me interesa, ¿se beneficia? Discuss if there is no contest as to how we want it ”, concludes.

Manuela Gutiérrez se disculpa

Yo sé que muchos de ustedes no están de acuerdo con estas de trabajo, pero la realidad es que a muchísimos creadores de contenido nos pagan por lo que hacemos. When we get in touch with businesses, restaurants, hotels and restaurants, we normally offer our services and our pagans ”, thanks Manuela Gutiérrez in an Instagram Instagram video.

Además, mencionó que también es normal que en el mundo del lamado Inspiring marketing Sean Las Masmos Crador de Continedo Queens to Acrecan a Los Marks Para Realizer Colaboraquins.

“I don’t think I’m telling you what to say, I completely agree that not all the world has these tactics and it’s super respectable, but Who would like to have your form decirlo and express your dissatisfaction. If you give up this chef by decirle eso, la verdad es que ofrezco disculpas”, Expression.