Chelsea transfer news roundup: The Blues are set to pay 50million for the French star in January, the German Twenty20 wanted by Bayern Munich, and much more.

Chelsea Strengthened the key areas of his squad this summer, Marcus Bethneli brought, Romelo Lukaku And Saul Nguyen. The Blues are eager to increase their success under Thomas Tachel.

The Germans plan to fight for the Premier League this season after winning the Champions League as well as the UEFA Super Cup and taking over the London side.

Chelsea are set to return for the French midfielder in January and will offer خدمات 50million for their services. Despite his recent lack of form, Bayern Munich also want a Blues striker.

On this note, let’s take a look at the news of the big Chelsea transfer on September 10, 2021.

Chelsea are set to pay س 50million to Jules Conde in January.

Chelsea plan to return Jules Conde in January.
Chelsea plan to return to Jules Conde in January.

Chelsea are ready to return to the table. Jules Conde M 50 million in January and for the French. Hard tackle via ESPN.. The Blues failed to complete a move for the Sevilla star this summer when La Liga side increased their demand for the player in the eleventh hour.

Despite the contract being very close to completion, the giants of the Premier League were forced to walk. However, Chelsea have maintained their interest in Konde and will try their luck again at the end of the year.

The French are eager to trade on Stamford Bridge, but the Blues will only negotiate if Sevilla cut their demand to 50 50 million. Interestingly, Konde has three years left on his current contract, which strengthens La Liga’s position in the negotiations.

Sevilla is likely to take note of Chelsea’s growing interest in its valuable assets. The La Liga giants are expected to stick to the player’s own 80 80million price tag.

Timo Werner is wanted by Bayern Munich.

Timo Werner is wanted by Bayern Munich.
Timo Werner is wanted by Bayern Munich.

According to, Bayern Munich is considering the move of Timo Werner. Express.. The Chelsea striker has endured a difficult time moving towards Stamford Bridge. The Blues are ready to go for the right offer and are interested in signing Bavarian Warner.

Warner has been pushed out of the packing order since the arrival of Romano Lukaku and the Bundesliga giants are ready to end their woes at Chelsea.

Bayern Munich want to build their team around German nationals and believe they have a good chance to keep Werner safe. However, the player has four years left on his current contract and there is no prospect of this move yet.

Chelsea are planning to renew the N’Golo Kante deal.

Chelsea are signing a new contract for N'Golo Kante.
Chelsea are signing a new contract for N’Golo Kante.

Chelsea are planning to extend their stay at Anne Golo Kante’s Stamford Bridge. Caught offside by London Evening Standard.. The Frenchman’s current contract expires in 2023 and the Blues want to tie him to a new contract before entering the last 12 months of the current contract.

Conte is an important part of Thomas Tachel’s plans and has shown no intention of leaving the club.

However, Chelsea are aware that a long delay in renewing the contract of one of their key players could lead to unnecessary complications. The Blues want the future of the fork to be resolved as soon as possible.


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