Chicago’s mother shot dead at the same spot where her teenage son was killed several days earlier

A mother of six was shot dead in Chicago at the exact spot where her 14-year-old son was shot dead just three days earlier.

Delisa Tucker, 31, was shot dead in the chest on Wednesday morning when she visited a memorial for her son, Kevin Tinker, near their home in the Roseland district.

Tucker had lit candles for his dead son after he was killed in a shooting on Sunday night, the family told Chicago Sun-Times.

Tucker's 14-year-old son Kevin Tinker was also shot and killed in the Roseland district.
Delisa Tucker’s 14-year-old son Kevin Tinker was also shot and killed in the Roseland district.

The police have not confirmed whether the two shootings are connected and no one has been arrested.

Police said they discovered Tucker’s body lying on the sidewalk after responding to a ShotSpotter warning just before 12.30pm on Wednesday.

She was rushed to Roseland Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Authorities said they had not found anyone along the street who witnessed the shooting.

Her son was pronounced dead at the scene three days earlier after he was hit several times by gunfire.

When Kevin was shot down, he was standing outside a home that had been targeted earlier in the day.

Police will not say if they suspect Kevin was also the target.

The family has described the teenager as a “quiet boy” and said he was not involved in any gang-related activity, according to a GoFundMe page.

The area where the mother and son were killed has had at least 26 fatal shootings this year alone.


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