Chihuahua, the second most beautiful woman for girls

Ciudad de Mexico.– “In Chihuahua there is no change, since the death of Juárez is the secret of Alexa Itzel, we execute the legends that appear and salve, it is not possible that we have all the hermes, including all that the queen has to say. . with ella ”, dijo en entrevista para el diario juan martín garcía, de tejiendo redes infancia de america and el caribe sólocopodel.

“The Violent Criminalism against the women of Mexico in Mexico, but we can not believe in the Chihuahua in the case of the dead Juárez, llamadas así, and that in the International Court of Human Rights. de que en mexico fue sentenciado y obligado a cumplir con los mandatos ”dijo.

Recorded that Campo Algodonero covered the life of his men, but two of the men of Iran were edad, because the courtesy of the Mexican court was the fault of diligence for investigation, because of the situation, given in Mexico ni en el estado ha cambiado.

Chihuahua takes the second look at all the countries like the most beautiful city for girls and women; In the first place, this is the state of Mexico, and in the second place, this is Chihuahua, which is one of the objections of international investigations without compromise, without compromise.

Lamenta gravad del caso special del secuestro de Alexa Itzel, ocurrido el pasado 6 de junio, toda vez que se trata de una menor de 13 años, sumado a la violencia armada en contra de la madre para llevarse a una el niñogo que corre al Pass the day and don’t be afraid of your parade.

“Every minute, every hour is here in our life and not only our tenures of the authorities, our profundity falls short of the Fiscalía of the State for the investigation; It is possible that these alturas could not have more information than everyone else is identifying the present aggressor ”, expires.

Recorded the case of Marisela Escobedo and Rubí, for what she said: “We follow with omidis omisas en sus obligaciones y ajenas al enfoque de los derechos de las niñas y las mujeres”, and criticizes that he is a sinner and local of an escobedo , and criticize that they are not listening to the famous Alexa

“There is no treaty mandar or decir ‘sí, ya emití una alerta’, since there is no articulation between the distorted authors, tanto municipalities, estates and federations, because with the highest probability the best or the highest insisto, amerita una tafteesh articulada “.

It is important to note that there is an important presumption of the cream organized that the authorities should not disclose the lines of investigation. without embarking, considering that the impunity in the cases of Violence against the women will always be guaranteed by the authorities of the state.

We are talking about 97 because of the impunity in all the carpets that have been removed without considering that there is no denunciation, since there are only 100 carpets with some kind of sensation or process, the impunity is that the impunity is the repunion , the reporter alimente de niños y niñas tienen certeza de que no va a pasar nada ”, aseveró.

Finally, insisted on the investigation and localization with the life of Alexa Itzel and that all the explanations were explained to restore its paradigm and hold a responsive, transparent approach to transparency.

“It is not possible, verbatim, it is not possible that there are no indications or elements to be aware of in this moment that there is a connection with high technology for identification, we use cameras, mobile phones; This is the exaggeration to say that if you compliment, not a carpet of numbers, this is the life of a girl ”, concludes Juan Martín Pérez García.