Chiko Turk climbed onto the podium in the GP.

Sergio Perez of Mexico returns to the podium after finishing third in the Turkish Grand Prix.

Guadalajara’s man has not been in the top 3 since the current season’s French GP, and thanks to his individual work and Red Bull, he has done just that.

Qaumi got off to a good start, as he moved from sixth to fourth behind Fernando Alonso’s Alpine and Pierre Gasley’s Alpha Tory.

By lap 34, the Guadalajara man had no problem, in fact, he finished fourth without demanding more than his tires.

As Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes approached, Chico stepped on the gas. The seven-time champion took a position in the smart move, but the tricolor defense was better.

On lap 38, Perez went into the pit to put green tires back on the wet track, but when it came time to return to the competition, he finished fifth.

Lewis Hamilton’s late entry into the strongholds, along with his Mercedes and Charles Laker’s Ferrari, opened the door for Mexico to climb to third and resume the rhythm.

The winner of the race was Art Voltaire Botas, who has not won since the 2020 Russian GP. Without a doubt, Botas Max was 10 seconds ahead of Versatapen, the second and current drivers championship leader in the race.

In addition, Art set a leap record and added another point. A completely different case from his colleague Hamilton, who was ranked fifth.

The next F1 appointment will be in the United States, October 22-24.

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