China fires 11 missiles to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi

China Realização sus Mayores pruebas de missiles en aguas de Taiwan In decades, the day after the President of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, challenged Beijing to visit the autonomous island that it claims as its own.

El Ejército Popular de Liberation disparó 11 missile balisticos Dongfeng en aguas del norte, este y sur de Taiwan between 1:56 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. local time on Thursday, August 4, the Ministry of Defense of the island said in a statement. Sun Li-fang, the United Nations spokesman, said earlier that they had fired missiles from the earth.

No estaba claro desde qué lugar se dispararon los missiles y si algún pasó sobre Taiwan. China never before had sent missiles sobre la isla y tal movimiento sería una escalada provocada. The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan refused to comment on this point.

China también envió cohetes de largo rango cerca de las islas peripheralas noroccidentales de Matsu y Dongyin, y Wuqiu en el oeste, consolidación Taiwan. His Ministry of Defense said that he had reinforced his guard around the islands, which are closer to the coast of China than Taiwan.

The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said that the United States had committed to its Chinese counterparts in the last days at “all levels of government” to transmit a message of moderation to the people of the country. a la soberanía e integratí territorial de China”.

“Nosotros, y los países de todo el mundo, creemos que la escalada no sirve nadie y podría tener consequencias no desesadas que no serven a los intereses nadie”, dijo Blinken on Thursday, al margen de una cumbre de la Escalada Naciones de Southeast Asia and Cambodia.

Earlier in the day, China said that an unspecified number of its missiles had reached precision targets in the seas east of Taiwan. El Comando Militar del Este del Ejército Popular de Liberation en un comunicado que había completado dijo el entrenamiento con fuego real y levantó los controles aérios y marítimos pertinentes.

The communiqué did not clarify if this meant that all the military exercises had ended in six exclusion zones that surrounded the island, which began at midday on Thursday and would last 72 hours. In a regular informative session on Thursday, the spokesperson of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de China Hua Chunying said that she had no information about whether all the simulacrums had been terminated and remitted to the reporters at the original period of the day on the 4th.

L Diario del PuebloThe spokesperson of the Communist Party of China said on his official Twitter account that the air and maritime controls were lifted in front of the east coast of Taiwan.

The Ministerio de Defensa de Taiwan previously said that it continues to alert the maximum response to the exercises, which the agency criticized as an attempt to undermine regional stability.

The Minister of Transportation of Taiwan, Wang Kwo-tsai, said that the flights could use alternative air routes through Japan and the Philippines until the simulations will end on Sunday, while the boats will leave on Sunday. de podrienne se podrienne.

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“El transporte marítimo es diferente al tráfico aereo, ya que hay una fixed route, es más libre”, said Wang to journalists in an informative session on Wednesday evening. “Entonces, lo que se hizo en el pasado es evitar las areas donde se realizaron los simulacros”.

L. President Chino, Xi Jinping está bajo presício para dar una fuerte respuesta al viaje, especially después de que algunos nacionalistas locales se sintieron decepcionados de que Pekin no pudo disuadir a Pelosi de su visita. He left Taiwan on Wednesday and held meetings in South Korea on Thursday before arriving in Japan.

Separately, the Ministers of Foreign Relations of the Southeast Asia insisted on “maximum moderation” in a communique issued during an annual meeting on Thursday in Cambodia. Los envoyados de la Asociación de las Naciones de Asia Sudoriental expressed their concern that the events “could destabilize the region and, eventually, lead to an error of calculation, a confrontation, imperción de confrontation, and confrontation of calculation, a confrontation, Confrontacionescuente gratis, grupa nombrando a China, Taiwan o Estados Unidos.

On Wednesday, 27 Chinese military planes were detected in the skies around Taiwan’s airspace, with 22 crossing the media line. Estrecho de Taiwan, The mayor cantidad desde que la isla comonez a hacer las maneuvers públicas en 2020.

On the other hand, Taiwan said that they launched Chinese military drones that flew around their islands Kinmen and Beiding, ambassadors around the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen, on Wednesday.