China suspended cooperation with the European Union.

The United States.— China suspended on Friday los contacts with the United States on vital topics —including military affairs and crucial cooperation on the climate—, which generated greater concerns that the hostile reaction of Beijing to the representative of the presidents of the resident Nancy Pelosi, a Taiwan pudiera indicar un enfoque más agresivo y perdurable hacia Washington y la isla de gobierno autónomo.

China’s measure to freeze crucial communication channels aggravated the deterioration in relations following Pelosi’s visit and China’s response to military maneuvers near Taiwan, which included missile launches.

After the White House summoned the Chinese ambassador, Qin Gang, on Thursday night to protest the military exercises, the spokesman of the National Security Council of the White House, John Kirby, condemned the defection of the White House on Friday. Kirby condenó el de vernes la deosión con Estados Unidos, calificándola de “irresponsible”.

Kirby censored China’s “provocative” actions from Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which Beijing says is part of its territory. Pero hizo notar que algunos de comunicación continúan abiertos entre funcionadores militares de ambos países. He repeated the daily assurances that the United States had not changed its policy toward communist China and the autonomous island.

“The conclusion is que vamos a continuar con nuestros intentos de seguir abriendo líneas de comunicación que protejan nuestros intereses y nuestros valores”, announced Kirby. No quiso hablar acerca de ningun daño a las relaciones largo plazo entre China y Estados Unidos, diciento que eso se tratará después.

Taiwan has put its armed forces on alert and implemented civil defense drills, but the general mood remained calm on Friday. The flights have been canceled or diverted, and the fishermen have remained in the ports to avoid being targeted by the Chinese maneuvers.

en la costa china front a taiwan to reuniron turistas para intenter captar united nations vistazo de los aviones militares.

The minister of the Chinese embassy in Washington, Jing Quan, told reporters that Pelosi’s mission to support the democratic government of Taiwan had “a strong impact on the political foundations of the relations of the United Nations.” las relaciones-laciones. soberanía e integrativa (territorial) China y… socava la paz y la estabilita en el Estrecho de Taiwan”.

In the long term, a significantly more contentious relationship between China and the United States threatens an equilibrium under which the governments of Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping have sustained discussions about respect, humane commitment, and especialism. , but have avoided falling into direct conflict with the United Nations and have maintained high-level contacts occasionally with respect to other issues, including cutting emissions that affect the climate.

A joint agreement between the United States and China to combat climate change reached by Xi and the then President Barack Obama in November 2014 is considered an inflection point that led to the historic Parking Agreement in 2014. gases de efecto invernadero. Seven years later, during the climate talks in Glasgow, another agreement between Washington and Beijing helped to smooth out the differences to reach another international climate agreement.

China is the country that generates the most emissions in the world and the United States is the second largest, and together they produce almost 40% of all gases produced by the use of fossil fuels.

Experts in the relations between Beijing and Washington warned that the diplomatic and military measures of China appear to go beyond being just reprisals for the visit, and could usher in a new era of reprisals. era de máscayno de el nueva. .

The relationship between China and the United States is in a “downward spiral,” said Bonnie Glaser, director of the program for Asia at the German Marshall Fund, an American research center.

“I believe that China will probably modify the status quo in the Taiwan Strait in ways that will be harmful to Taiwan and disadvantageous to the United States,” Glaser added.

In recent years, other rounds of tensions between China and its neighbors around the border with India, the regional islands and the South China Sea have concluded with the affirmation of Beijing that it controls new territories and protects them, John Culver , exfuncionario national de inteligenia para Asia, y ahora miembro del Atlantic Council, un centro de investigação estadounidense. Lo mismo podría ocurrir ahora con respecto a Taiwan, agregó. “Así que no sé cómo terminará esto. Ya hemos visto cómo empieza”, he pointed out.

The measures that China took this week have the purpose of punishing the United States for allowing a visit to the island that it owns, and that it will be annexed by force. Beijing initiated military maneuvers on Thursday against the coasts of Taiwan, which will continue until Sunday.

Some missiles passed over Taiwan, according to Chinese officials in state media, a significant escalation in China’s threats to the island.

Beijing usually complains when Taiwan has direct contacts with foreign governments, but its response to Pelosi’s visit—the American mayor’s official who has visited the island for 25 years—has been unusually energetic.

In Tokyo, where Pelosi is concluding her tour of Asia, the legislator declared that China cannot prevent American officials from visiting Taiwan.