Chippy battered by one-star review from customer who didn’t even eat there, fights back

A one-star online review of a fish and chip shop has sparked frustration at the family-run business—especially when the reviewer didn’t even eat there. The customer wrote on Facebook that the staff were too busy to inform her of her arrival and so went to have lunch with her son elsewhere.

This led to a furious exchange on Facebook as the family-run St. Mary’s Fish Bar hit back at complaints, saying the woman was only in the takeaway for 30 seconds at lunch time on Wednesday (June 15), and not the customer. Near five minutes. Claimed, StoconcurrentLive Report,

Fodoula Nicolau, 36, the daughter of Nick and Helen Nicolau, who owns St. Mary’s in Blairton, has strongly defended the takeaway. She is driving Chippy with her brother while her parents are in Cyprus.

The 36-year-old said: “In front of us was a member of staff who was finishing an Uber order, my brother was preparing in the back and I was arranging delivery-to-shop orders. I just walked in and got one in Greek. Asked the staff member, ‘Is this lady waiting a long time?’ She said that she had just come in.

“As I went to serve her, she said ‘Is there another chippy here?’ And went out. I thought maybe he didn’t like the prices, because everything went up, and went out. That was my initial thought.

“Then that evening we saw there was a star review. She didn’t comment on the food, it was completely inappropriate, she didn’t give us a chance to talk to her. She was in the store for 30 seconds. I don’t understand Come on why would you leave a one star review for something like this.She’s telling everyone she was in the store for five minutes.

“I think it’s ridiculous and petty. Maybe we should have said ‘we’ll be with you in a second’ but I was about to go and serve her. There were no other customers in the store, she knew she was ahead. ”

Fadoula became even more upset when others on Facebook supported the woman after she shared her review in community groups. She continued: “We work really hard and were really upset that other people jumped in to try and do horrible things about our business.”

When the woman’s husband came to speak to her in person, Fodoula was pleased to be able to put forth his side of the story. She said: “We had a really good conversation for 10 minutes and I explained my side, he explained his wife’s side. But what he didn’t know was that he shared the review in two Blurton Facebook groups that have over 1,000 members Huh.

“I thought it was cool that he came to talk to me, he was really nice. His wife says she’s sorry, but I’m not apologizing for defending my business.

“If she hadn’t shared it everywhere, I probably would have talked to the woman and said ‘Okay, we could have handled this a little better’. But she posted it in two groups and it hurts me a lot.” Has happened.”

Fodoula has worked in Chippy as a teenager, first in Stafford where her parents opened their first chip shop, and then in Blurton for the past seven years. She added: “We’re going to delete our business Facebook page because it’s really disappointing to think we work so hard, but anyone can just make a snarky comment for no reason.”

Fodoula said some regulars were sympathetic to the situation. She said: “They had seen the comments on Facebook and one said they can’t believe how pathetic some people are. They said we don’t need to worry about it.

“We meet some really lovely people here, we usually have a nice smooth sailing day.”

Facebook exchange between St. Mary’s and the customer

Under the headline ‘I don’t recommend this place’ the angry customer wrote: “Awful service. The people working there were so busy chatting with each other that they couldn’t even accept us. So their really ‘Hi’ Instead of waiting to say ‘be with you for a moment’ We went out and went to The Fish Net in Longton. Better chip shop to spend about £20 orders and they were cheap.”

Fodoula Nicolau replied: “The funny thing is, none of us have seen you before or really wanted custom like yours. My brother was cooking, my staff was ordering an Uber and I I just went inside and heard ‘Let’s go. Another chippy’ a moment ago after walking in. Did you talk to us and we just ignored you? No. Sorry if we’re busy and have other errands so that You obviously need to buy some food if you don’t get attention, and then have the courage to go online and leave a stupid review. Nobody cares about your £20 in fishnet. Honestly so petty and funny, you’re the whole Were in the store for 30 seconds. Grow up and hold on.”

The customer replied: “You clearly need training in customer service. Again your attitude here says more about you than I do. Me and I mean, we, will come to the store as my husband, Been going there for years. You’re the one who needs to grow up, obviously too immature to run a business.”

Fodoula hit back then: “My customer service skills are fine. Thank you, running a business since my teens, but when there are some people who have nothing better to do than leave an obviously crappy review, you’d think I had to tolerate it.” Should and shouldn’t defend yourself? Not at all. You were in the store for 30 seconds because we all saw and heard your bad attitude commentary when you went out. Glad you enjoyed the fishnet, have a nice day Yes. Lament elsewhere. Thank you.”

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