Chivas conquers and aims to end the drought.

Mexico City.

I know The goal drought and Chivas’ winning streak ended. Marcelo Michel Liano scored when we had the information. Guadalajara beat Lyon (4-1) in a warm-up match.. With goals from Angel Zalduar, Jesus Angolo, Carlos Cesneros and Eduardo Torres, the Guadalajara team stopped preparing in the United States.

With the task of harming the purpose of the arm, Chivas dominated the game and the opponent was touching the frame., Cesar Horta was close to hitting the first at 26 ‘by shooting at the post. The tie between Jesus Angolo and Angel Zalduar was broken in a great goal at 31. That Zaldívar ended in a wonderful way.

The ‘speed’ was from Godalajara and he took advantage of it again to increase the advantage before leaving comfortably. Jesus Angolo played a great individual game from midfield, knocking down the opposing goalkeeper and making it 2-0. Part 41 ‘

Emotions kept pouring in at the start of the second period, both with a 47 by Leon. Santiago Columbito took a free kick on the right, Steven Barreiro was left alone in the small area and turned the ball. Defeating Raul Gadenio.

Chivas responded quickly and managed to regain the advantage of ‘two goals’ at 51. Carlos Cesinos hit a stopped ball to the left, the ball brushed against Luis Montes and the ball changed direction. So that it ends secretly in Iván Vázquez Mellado’s goal.

The power of the holy flock led him to an earlier victory over La Ferra. At the age of 87, Ronaldo Cesneros arrived on the right wing, crossed the far post and Eduardo Torres raised his head to present the final figures. For play in PayPal Park.

Both teams will return to Mexico to prepare for the next round of Liga MX. Guadalajara will return home and start the week with a 13-day approach to where he will find Toloka, visiting Leon Rydos From Monterey



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