Chris Martin announces his love for Dakota Johnson in front of thousands of fans – El Financero.

A love beyond circles. It is a friendship between Cold Play singer Chris Martin and actress Dakota Johnson, who has awakened the touching details in the British singer. The last statement was made during a cold play concert at Seaford’s Bush Empire in London.

As part of the release of their ninth album. Music of circles, Cold Play has given several presentations in different cities. The release of this new album has been the subject of “My Universe”, whose collaboration with BTS gave them a number on the Hot 100 Billboard in a few days.

Dakota Johnson, with whom Chris Martin has been dating since 2017, attended a recent British group presentation at the Seaford Bush Empire.

Shortly before presenting the hit ‘My Universe’, Martin paused briefly to dedicate the song to Johnson. According to Daily mail, The singer pointed to her love for Dakota and declared, “It’s about my universe, and she’s here!”

The concert attendees went crazy after the announcement and amidst applause and applause, they encouraged love between the two personalities of the artistic atmosphere.

The couple has kept their romance out of the spotlight. Discretion has given them a four-year relationship.

His appearance on the cheeks and in public went unnoticed, and some spectators felt that Chris and Dakota were closely associated with his celebrations.

It was a matter of premiere. Lost daughter A day after the concert at the Royal Festival Hall. Johnson wore a fabulous Gucci dress with shiny accessories. He had a very close conversation with the fans during the concert.

However, Martin remained anonymous in a beautiful and simple black suit, mask and hat.

Cold play is now the focus of Mexican shows, as the recent announcement of his tour of our country in March and April next year has angered fans.

Learn all the details of the concert. This note


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