Cierra G7 cumre with the economic promise of Russia

Elmau.- The leaders of the group present at this time a united front to respond to the Ukrainian “all the time that the sea is near” we feel the invasion of Russia is increasing, and we understand that the mediating mediums of the subconscious. petraleo sale, which is financing the guerrilla.

The final declaration of the reunion of Germany under the auspices of the imposition of “graves and economic costs” to Russia. Not to be confused with the details of the function, in practice, of the limitations of the precision of petroleum, for those in the same seasons debated the possibility of “exploring” the mediums that provide an important source of quality.

This could have an effect on the infusion of the English clave of the y, in theory, ayudaría a aliviar la subida de los precios de la energía y la inflación que sacude a la economía Global Como result de la guerra.

“We maintain our agreement with our coordinates without precedent in all the times that the sea is essential, acting in unison at any moment”

Además, accordaron prohibit la importiaciones de oro ruso y aumentar la ayuda a los países akifados por la escasez de alimentos del bloqueo ruso a las exportaciones de grano ukraiano a través del Mar Negro.

The trick of precision functioning, in theory, proves that providers of services like transportists or aseguradoras negotiate with the petro cueo supio supere el nivel stable. This will probably result because the providers are at their height in the European Union or in Great Britain and, for the most part, there will be no orbit of the Sanctuary. without embarking, for that matter, tendering to impress the mayor could not possibly consume the goods, especially in India, while the refineries are still considering the petty ruso barato, which was recovered on occasion. The details about the application will determine in the next few days.

Before the clausura, the lideres condensed that the “disgusting” “ruso” at the Russian counter against a commercial center in Kremechuk, tackling the “crime of guerrilla”, and suggested that the President of Russia, imprinted “Pulicados” tendrán cuentas “.

The leaders of the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Gran Britain, Canada and Japan agreed to help Ukraine in the “all the time that the sea is essential” trace reunion with the video conference of Zelenia.

The chimpanzee, the orator of Olaf Scholz, said that “one more, exposure with great exposure to the situation and how Ukraine actually does”. The discourse of Zelensky, in the first advance of Russia in the state of Ukraine. If you want to find out more about the Autoridas reporting a late-night Ruso about a commercial center in the city center of the country.

At the same time, the functions have indicated that the main economies of the world are prepared to present planes that, considering the limit of the need for petrochemical ruso, leaven the aransles of the ruso products, as well as the reduction of the products.

From the Pinterestco Hotel Schloss Elmau in the Alpes Bávaros, the L7 laders of the G7 via Madrid directly to Madrid to a cumbre of OTAN, where the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominates the agenda. All the members of the group, except for the Japanese forman, part of the Alianza, and the first minister of Nippon, Fumio Kishida, was invited to the reunion in Spain.

Zelensky has demonstrated his precautionary measures because he has been aware of the cost of a guerrilla that contributes to the need for energy and basic products in all parts of the world. The G7 has treated these precautionary measures.

Even the reunion of the group has been dominated by Ukraine and by the repercussions of the guerrillas, like the reto that the governors of some parts of the world trace the interconnections of the great Ukrainian, the qurano. You can also avail yourself of prior offers to the guerrilla.

The G7 compliments admiration for the creation of a new “climax” club for those countries who want to adopt a more ambitious approach against global warming.

Initiative, impulsive by Scholz, contemplated that the adjectives that are accepted mediums more firms to reduce the emissions of gases with effective inversion with the impediment that the global temperaments subconscious face2, C71 in this preindustrial.

There is a reunion with the cincinnati naciones in des lunus, the communicative conjugation by the German hizo hincapié in the urgency of a “transión energétic limpia y justa”.

On the other hand, the G7 has achieved 4 million 500 million dollars in order to increase the quality of food in the world.

The Casa Blanca announced that the United States will receive 2 million 760 million dollars in cash. The foundations help to assist the 47 regional and regional organizations that promote elementary security and malnutrition.

The most important zone is the Cuerno of Africa, where the Russian bulk to the great Ukrainian export has been empowered by a situational or desperate, taking into account the status quo. Suffice it to say that the consortium temporarily executed and there were 20 million infantry to the humbler of the humbre final.